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You Might be a Hardcore Lifter If…Part 2

  1. The hotel gym is as useless to you as a gluten-free menu.
  2. You pack your camping gear around your barbell.
  3. Your meals have nicknames like, “Gainz Deluxe.”
  4. You sleep to the point that loved ones think you must be stricken with a disorder. You call it “recovery.”
  5. You are certain that your training depends on ritual meals, beverages, or snacks consumed around sessions – like Pop-tarts and Gatorade. You just don’t run out of these.
  6. When you hear someone say, “Do you know what dessert spelled backwards is?” your inner voice quips, “gainzzz.”
  7. You drive the tiniest, most affordable car because you spend your time lifting, not making money; however, you still know it fits a barbell.
  8. You are a man who owns tights.
  9. You are a woman about whom a guy has remarked, “Aren’t you worried about looking like a man?” You’re not worried.
  10. You board press.
  11. “Red light” to you means a mistake in, or a missed lift – not a traffic annoyance or a district in Amsterdam.
  12. Sundays consist of cooking copious amounts of meat and rice.
  13. Your dishwasher is brimming with shaker cups.
  14. You have hoisted a keg in training or competition, but you are probably also recruited to transport the keg to festivities.
  15. You have severed your chin with an atlas stone.
  16. Your lifts are huge enough that 80 or 90% drop-sets no longer look that awful on paper, but they undeniably still feel dreadful.
  17. Hip extension has improved your life in more ways than most.
  18. You love a good posterior chain on your significant other – even on strangers – but paramountly, on yourself.
  19. You are a woman and guys who don’t know you believe they are joking when they smirk at you and declare, “You could probably lift more than me!”
  20. You are frequently quizzed, “How much can you bench?” If Olympic lifting is your forte you stare back blankly, or reply “12 kg.” If powerlifting is your game you answer back in KG and they are astonished they can out-bench you.
  21. You a) wouldn’t be caught dead low-bar back squatting, b) have bruises across your upper back from low-bar back squatting, c) there is no ‘c’.
  22. You can rattle off more than half-a-dozen distinctive types of squats in 15 seconds or less.
  23. You see someone running and think, “why?” then close in on a donut and crush some deadlifts.
  24. Your bodyweight is one of your initial warm-up sets, but you still won’t be seen skipping an empty-bar warm-up.
  25. You speak in KGs.
  26. You use tacky.
  27. Maintaining a conversation with someone who doesn’t lift is about as doable as a healthy post-comp meal.
  28. The misery of getting your knee sleeves on, or getting into your suit is comparable to the labour of your lifts.
  29. You have a distinctive ritual when you approach a barbell.
  30. You love the GHD. Life isn’t worth living with weak hamstrings.
  31. Spilling your whey protein is like spilling cocaine.
  32. People regularly point out the immensity of your traps or biceps.
  33. Yelling or grunting during lifting is commonplace.
  34. You realize lifting is no longer about health, but instead about discovering your limits. Your food is your fuel. Your body is a machine and you want to find out what it can really do. Every day you strive to become incrementally better, so that one day, you might know what it is like to be your best – your strongest, your most powerful. And what if that day never comes? You are certain it will, but you know the destination is not even the point – it is the process that matters. It is the daily work. You know that “your days are your life in miniature.” How you spend your day determines how you live your life. Others use their time another way, and that’s OK. You choose to lift.

“Your days are your life in miniature. As you live your hours, so you create your years. As you live your days, so you craft your life. What you do today is actually creating your future. The words you speak, the thoughts you think, the food you eat and the actions you take are defining your destiny — shaping who you are becoming and what your life will stand for. Small choices lead to giant consequences over time. There’s no such thing as an unimportant day.” – Robin Sharma

Pictured: Taunia Stevens of Adrenaline Training in Regina.  Photo Credit Sandra Provick.

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