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Be Dynamic, Don’t be Static.

Dream up a vision for your life that is so beautiful it brings tears to your eyes. Scary? Good. Far from where you are? Even better.

Breathe life into that vision; fill it with colour and detail to the extent of your current capacity.

Once you have imagined your destination, you have a choice:

  • stare into the vastness of the gap between where you are and where you want to be and be paralyzed with fear.
  • OR stretch out your feeble limbs as far as they possibly will reach toward that dream.

Choose the first and you will be surrounded by many comrades who have done the same; you will find comfort in the confines of your current situations. But hardships will surely come.

Choose the latter, and you will experience more solitude than most. Obstructions will get in the way of your vision, but with each step towards your gorgeous ideal your feeble limbs will become stronger. Soon, obstacles that once seemed insurmountable will be crushed below your feet, and before you know it, you will be standing within the stunning scene you once only imagined. Your life will be filled with vivid beauty and colour. You will be surrounded by other dreamers who dared make the same daunting choice – to move.

Hardships will come, whether you leap after your vision, or remain still. You have more force to break through obstacles when you are moving. Move.

Once you have reached the destination of your dreams, you and your companions who have done the same will each turn and face out into an entirely new vastness, and ask, “Where to now?” And without hesitation, you will move.

Far from where you want to be? Good. Life should be an incessant expedition in the hunt of better that only ends when forces outside of your control compel you to rest. There is always better, further, faster. Never settle. Never be satisfied. Don’t choose to be static; make stillness choose you after you have lived a life of dynamism. It is those with an undying hunger for greatness who stand at heights others dare not even imagine and live lives filled with more beauty, more colour, more detail, more experience.

Be dynamic; don’t be static.

“I know you want better. I know you want excellent, stupendous, outstanding. And you want it all the time. There’s nothing wrong with that—and don’t ever let anyone tell you that there is.

The “good-enoughs” of this world are just tired souls who gave up. Don’t be them. Be the lost soul who’s still trying to find the trail.” – Lisbeth Darsh

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