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#ConfidenceAlliance #ConfidenceRevolution ☐

What is it?  Who is the alliance for?

Are you a woman?  Do you believe in the power and potential of other women?  Then we invite you to join our #ConfidenceAlliance.

What do you see when you look around at the relationships that exist between women?

Competition or Support?  Acceptance or Judgment?  Condemnation or Encouragement?  Doubt in each other, or Belief in what we can do?

Chances are you see a bit of all of these.

What if we could change that?  What if we could stomp all over the negativity in our interactions and in its place sculpt empowering synergy?


Imagine living in a world full of badass women backing each other – forming scaffolding to lift each of us up to unearth and invent our true capacity.

Let’s venture together into this world for just a few hours:

In a few hours you are attending a party for lovely ladies.  You don’t need to think twice about what you will wear, how you will style your hair, the makeup you will apply to your face, because you know you can look however you feel most comfortable without an ounce of fear of judgment.  You slap on your fav outfit and get ready listening to the latest empowering lady jam.

When you arrive at the party you know you’ve made it to the right place.  You can feel the electric energy of the cooperative seeping through the cracks of the building as you approach it – it stops you in your tracks.  The positivity pours over your skin and seeps in through your pores.

You open the door and a crowd of women cheer for you as though a rock star has just arrived.  You look around, there are women of every shape and size from every culture dressed however they want – some are in gorgeous gowns, others are wearing traditional cultural attire, still others are in their active wear, and it is not. weird. at. all.

Some are laughing and yelling and tearing up the dance floor.  Others are in the library telling stories about life: a powerful lawyer shares her struggles and triumphs of the day (only the non-confidential parts, of course); a beautiful baker tells how today’s fresh cupcakes created smiles; an entrepreneur engages others in her latest visionary ideas for business.  You find the place that fits you best and escape into the energy of the night.

As you open the door to leave, you can feel the force pour out into the streets.  It doesn’t dissipate though, its power remains just as potent, and it follows each woman back to her home and to her day-to-day life.

You check out social media once you’ve crawled under a blanket back at your abode.  Your feed is filled with photos from the party: shameless group selfies in the most marvelous mixed attire as well as pics of new friends posing together with captions sharing their excitement about the new ideas that were ignited through the evening’s conversations.  What accompanies all of these posts?

Two hashtags: #ConfidenceAlliance #ConfidenceRevolution, and a symbol ☐.


Right now is that party.  You were just there with me and all of my lady friends and you and all your girl friends and all the women from around the world.  Will you continue with us to amass that energy and synergy into your day-to-day life?

The #ConfidenceAlliance is a group of women who support each other in becoming who they are.  That is, in finding what makes them tick and expressing themselves in ways that make them feel confident.  We want to live in a world where ladies are comfortable being and discovering themselves and their unlocked potential.

We want to live in a world where girls stand taller.  Smile bigger.  Laugh louder.

Where women can yell, cry, sing, and speak if they want to, or curl up quietly with a book and be alone if they feel like it.

The #ConfidenceRevolution is expressed as a beautiful mosaic of each woman living out her unique gifts and talents, forming scaffolding for one another to bolster confidence of the individual woman and the collective womankind.

Not one of us can be put in a box. ☐ None of us were created by the cookie cutter of what society tells us an ideal woman should be.  We are the square pegs in the round holes. We can create our own checklist of who we want to become. ☐Be Brave ☐Be Bold ☐Be Confident ☐Be You – and it is all of these things that this symbol represents.  ☐

Will you support our cause?  Will you join our alliance?

Let’s start a revolution.

A revolution of love, of support, of encouragement, and of women lifting each other up to heights we have never before seen.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

It’s simple really, but sometimes it is the simplest things that change the world the most, and in our modern era, we think this tiny little thing could have a profound and echoing impact.

“A little man in a loincloth named Mahatma Gandhi freed an entire nation.  A woman named Rosa Parks sparked a civil rights movement because she refused to sit at the back of a bus.  Ordinary people really can do extraordinary things.” – Robin Sharma

Will you join us and live in a world full of powerful females discovering their calling – unearthing and inventing their true capacities?

Then it’s for you.  It’s about you.

If you agree with us – if you are a woman who believes in women and wants to become her best – start using our hashtags (and this square in your emojis ☐) in any post where it’s just you (and/or your female friends) being you.

Join our #ConfidenceAlliance.  Let’s start a #ConfidenceRevolution.  Leave this party and go out into your day to day lives, unleashing the electric synergy that comes from ladies backing others to liberate their best selves.  Let’s show the world women cannot be put in a box – womankind as a collective is a beautiful mosaic, and our confidence shines in all different forms of self-expression.

What unique aspect do you have to contribute to the alliance?  Share your first post using #ConfidenceAlliance #ConfidenceRevolution ☐ now, and be sure to “like,” follow, and repost others doing the same.

Let’s run the world, girls!

Tune into our video on YouTube now for more about what the movement means to us!
Join us changing the world by following @_lindseybarber and myself @idealisticisabel on Instagram and liking our pages “CrossFit Lair” and “Idealistic Isabel” to see what we are sharing about the #ConfidenceAlliance and #ConfidenceRevolution on Facebook.

It’s time for the next grassroots movement that will spread around the world!  The #ConfidenceAlliance will fill your feeds with badass women unleashing their potential and forming scaffolding that sets us up for staggering levels of success never seen before.  Will you join?

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