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How to Spice up your Treadmill Workout and Sweeten your Results (with 6 Example Workouts to do Just That)

Are you someone who regularly hits the treadmill day in and day out, regardless of the dramas of everyday life? Maybe it is your way to destress after a daunting day at work? I commend you! Consistency is the key to results and you’ve already championed that area! However, what if I told you, you could fast track your results using that same ol’ machine in a novel and new fashion?

Perhaps you’re running after that beach body or competitor’s conditioning. Maybe you’re looking for something to keep that fitness flame fresh in your life. What follows is the answer that has helped many of my clients do just that.

Also, ultimately, should exercising be drudgery so we can be comfortable and confident in our own skin? I don’t believe so! It’s all about having a joy for the journey! Implementing HIIT into your workouts just might jumpstart a lifetime of more jovial exercise.

You’ve probably heard of the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) phenomenon that’s been sweeping across the workout world, and there are easy ways you can apply these methods to your exercise without a personal trainer to amp up your progress and ramp up your routine.

Disclaimer: don’t be afraid of the term “high intensity.” Maybe you like a walk on a treadmill for its relaxing nature and ability to get your mind of the day’s difficulties. The term “intensity” is relative to your fitness level. If you are newb in the gym, you can complete the following workouts with a walk and lighter weights or assisted exercise. Not your first go at the gym? You can move faster and lift heavier. Still, if you love that relaxing walk, keep it in a few days a week! Remember, regularly showing up is half the battle, but by implementing a few new strategies I do not doubt you will be able to milk sweeter results from your treadmill routine.

5 reasons to give HIIT a try:

  1. It burns fat better than aerobic (steady state) exercise, increasing rates of metabolism for hours after exercise is completed.
  2. It increases both aerobic (basically needed to sustain long activity e.g. marathon-running) and anaerobic (basically needed to sustain short-term, more-intense boosts of energy e.g. playing volleyball) conditioning better than exclusive aerobic training.
  3. It lowers insulin resistance (therefore helping your body process and use carbohydrates better, leading to improvements in energy levels, health, and body composition).
  4. It leads to skeletal muscle adaptation, making muscles able to both use and store energy better, while also building muscle if you incorporate resistance training and adequate nutrition.[i]
  5. Many people find it more fun, and you can have an effective workout in a shorter time frame! This, to me, is the most important point, because if you want results, you need to be doing something that keeps you excited to come back every day over an extended period of time.

6 Example Workouts for All Levels:


5 Rounds:

1 minute walk, easy pace

10 Push-ups against the wall (or treadmill arm)

1 minute walk, fast pace

20 seconds in half-boat pose

15 Minutes, Repeat as Many Times as Possible:

2 minute walk, easy pace

1 minute walk, fast pace

5 Lunges per leg

20 seconds in superman pose



6 Rounds:

1 minute run/walk

8 assisted pull-ups

12 sit-ups

16 kettlebell swings

You can make your treadmill workout more fun with HIIT.
You can make your treadmill workout more fun with HIIT.

16 Minutes, Repeat as Many Times as Possible:

1 minute walk

1 minute run

10 step-ups

10 push-ups

10 barbell rows


10 Rounds:

1 minute run

6 dips

6 burpees

20 Minutes, Repeat as Many Times as Possible:

200 m run

10 kettlebell swings

10 sit-ups

10 box jumps

If you’ve been trekking the treadmill 5 or 6 times per week, I applaud you! Habitual training is vital to scoring the outcome you want. Looking to revamp your routine, burn through fat, and get that “toned” appearance you’ve always desired? Try implementing HIIT including resistance training to add some spice to your fitness life and give your progress a pick-me-up.

But what is it really about? It’s about finding that thing that gets you excited enough to climb out of bed on a dreary day. It’s about learning to love the process that will eventually get you to your dream physique or peak level of performance. You need to find a method that challenges and excites you and forces you to be fully focused so that you crave improvement and will not settle for anything less. Like everything worthwhile, realizing your fitness goals takes work. There will be good days and there will be hard days where you would rather sit on the couch, put on Netflix, and eat a tub of Nutella, but, if you have found enough purpose and passion in what you are doing, you will find a way to persist.

Try HIIT as a logical next step to spice up your treadmill workout and sweeten your results. And, if that fitness flame again starts floundering, you know where to find me.

If you live in a remote area and want to get strong and fit, or just want to feel what it is like to really get your hands on a barbell, contact me! I can help you learn how to lift weights in powerlifting (squat, bench press, and deadlift), or in Olympic weightlifting (snatch, and clean and jerk), click on this link to get more information, or to book a free coaching call about having me as your remote coach:


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