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The Why, What, When, How, and To What of Podcast Listening


“You become who you have coffee with.” – Robin Sharma

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

“If you’re the most successful person in every room, find a new room.” – Robin Sharma

Maybe the better question is, “Why not?” Podcasts, for some of us, are our only chance to sit down and chill with many of the greatest minds currently alive. If you desire to become your best, your strongest, your most successful, why wouldn’t you be taking advantage of free tips, tricks, and strategies the greats used to become their best, strongest, and most successful? You can curl up with your coffee and have Tony Robins recommend exactly how to refine your morning routine in order to champion your day. While you mix your pre-workout shake you can hear the words of AJ Roberts, 2x World Record Holder in powerlifting, telling you how he became one of the strongest men in history. The amount of completely free but absolutely powerful information readily available at your fingertips, I would argue, is enough to replace thousands upon thousands of dollars of courses and conferences.

And, you can do this all while still in your PJs, while driving to work, or while preparing dinner – multiplying your productivity and magnifying your motivation.

Stay tuned until the end for my 6 favourite podcast episodes of all time, recommended for you!  (I don’t only talk about Projekt Possible, though I do hope you tune in, lol.)



What is a podcast? It is usually an episode-style audio recording (sometimes video) that can be played on your mobile device or personal computer. You can download them or stream them.

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My favourite times for listening to podcasts:

  • While driving – download the podcast in advance (to save your data) and play it through your USB port connected to your mobile device (or Bluetooth) and turn your morning commute into an inspiring lecture instead of constantly changing the radio hoping for something better to come on.
  • While cooking – plug your mobile device into a speaker and have Adee Zukier (founder of Working Against Gravity) tell you how to transform your nutrition habits for the next time you find yourself travelling.
  • While cleaning – throw in the headphones and get that Windex bottle out. Take Tim Ferriss around the house with you asking the questions that force you to examine your life and envision a better future for yourself.
  • While relaxing – This morning I woke up feeling drab.  Instead of jumping into writing in my journal, I decided to lay down on the couch, almost as if I were visiting a therapist, and listened to Brene Brown sharing her views on vulnerability and courage. My feeling of “drab” vanished, and I leaped up from that podcast feeling motivated to make today fabulous by writing thank-you cards, writing two blogs, emailing all of my clients, and crushing a workout. How often do we take the time to just be still and let someone else do the talking and doing?  This can be an incredible way to refuel, and you deserve that!



I will tell you how to listen (with the example of our podcast, Projekt Possible) on an iPhone or iPad (in 4 simple steps), and then tell you how you can on another mobile device and how you can on a computer.


4 Steps for iPhone or iPads:


Step 1: The easiest way on an Apple device, is to go into your Podcast App.

Step 2: Search for the podcast in the search bar.


Step 3. Click on the square podcast icon to see all of the episodes in the feed.


Step 4: Click directly on the episode to stream it using your data or wifi NOW without downloading. Click on the cloud to download it to play later.


To play later, just go back into your Podcast app, and it will take you right to “My Podcasts” where it will be saved for you to listen to.


If you want to have all of the episodes downloaded as they come out, click “Subscribe” and they will be waiting for you in “My Podcasts” when you return.


You can also just search in the iTunes store and follow similar steps.


Another Mobile Device

I use an apple device, so I am just guessing. Forgive me if I am wrong, but I think this should be enough information to get you tuning into the minds of the greats.


Go into your app store (or whatever it is called) and search “Podcast”. Download any app you want for podcast-listening (there are many). Complete the same steps as above for iPhones and iPads.


Your Computer

There are other ways to listen on your computer, but the easiest is just to go to the hosting site and press “play.” Here is where you can find the latest episode of Projekt Possible, for example:



Of course I recommend our podcast, Projekt Possible, but I will also share some of my other favourite episodes to date.

Here is what Projekt Possible is all about. I am not allowed to tell you my favourite episodes because all of our guests are so great, but if you contact me personally, I may give you some recommendations. 🙂

“Far from where you long to be in life? Projekt Possible is all about revealing how you can move from ordinary to extraordinary through tales, tips, and tasks from some of today’s top athletes and entrepreneurs. These greats weren’t always the champions you see on top of the podium or the bosses of bustling organizations – really, they aren’t all that different from you and I!

Hosts Brendon (owner of CrossFit Villains) and Brittney (creator of pose questions digging deep into the brains of the brilliant to reveal game-changing secrets helping you make possible the dreams in your life that currently seem impossible.

It’s not all business and training as usual though – we are known for having fun with our guests and always start with a few questions we hope surprise them, and our listeners.”


My Top Six Most Favourite Episodes (in No Particular Order):

  1. Ten Principles for Success with Lewis Howes – Barbell Shrugged
  2. Brene Brown on Vulnerability and Home Run TED Talks – The Tim Ferriss Show
  3. How a Huge Vision Becomes Reality with Bryan Johnson – The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes
  4. Love Life Kill Everything – Weightlifting Talk
  5. Kay Cannon – Screenwriter, Pitch Perfect – #girlboss Radio
  6. How Facebook’s #30 Employee Quickly Built 4 Businesses and Gained 40 Pounds with Weight Training – The Tim Ferriss Show

Start digging into podcasts today. Why should you?  The better question is why not?  Become better, stronger, and more successful than ever before.  Start having your coffee with the greats in audio form and before you know it you will be sitting amongst them, for real.  The opportunities for you, when you open yourself up to learning are really endless.

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