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Guys! Why Girls Who Lift Don’t Care How Much You Lift (but Still Want You To Lift)

Got your eyes on a girl who spends all her time at the CrossFit, powerlifting, weightlifting, or a strongwoman gym, but afraid your lifting skillz (or lack thereof) might not be enough to impress her?

Guess what?  These incredibly strong (SEXY) ladies are my inner circle and, although this might come as a surprise to you, I know that girls who lift don’t GAF how much you can lift!

AND GUESS WHAT ELSE?  Most guys who’ve never lifted before can walk into the gym, and with proper instruction and a bit of mobility, outlift 95% of the women in the gym on their first day.

After 6 months of training, you’ll be lifting more than every woman in the facility.

These girls do, however, want you to lift and train with them!

Here are Four Reasons to Get to the Gym with the Girl You’ve Got Your Eye On:


  1. Many women train in very little clothing.  Booty shorts.  Tank tops or sports bras.  Do you need any more reasons to get to the gym?
  2. Getting your sweat on and exerting yourself physically with a woman sounds like something else.  Women usually need to feel emotionally connected before they’ll do that “something else” with you.  Guess what’s one of the best ways to get that emotional connection with a girl who lifts?  Get to the gym with her!
  3. Lifting increases sex drive for men and women.  Lifting increases testosterone levels.
  4. Lifting will help you with any sport and any job and it will help you live a longer, healthier life.

Now, all the girls reading this are pissed off at me because they think I said they’ll sleep with you if you train with them.

So, if you haven’t already stopped reading to drive to the gym and purchase a membership, here are the things the ladies are actually thinking (none of them are that they wish they’d find a guy who could lift more than them)!

Here are Four Reasons We Want You to Swallow Your Ego and Pick Up a Barbell with us (Ladies, maybe you’ll love me again after this):


  1. We want to spend time with you.  We also want to spend 1.5-3.5 hours a day in the gym.  This way we can spend loads of time with you and not feel guilty for making our training a priority.
  2. We want to be able to share our passions with you.  Lifting is a huge part of our life. We want you to be a part of our life.  We want you to get what we’re talking about when we drop our gym bag and start talking so loud we’re yelling about the PR (personal record) we hit today, and we’d love it even more if you were there with us and could pick us up and give us a big hug with a smile that’s as big as our own after we just smashed something we couldn’t do before!
  3. We want you to understand our lifestyle.  Most times we eat the healthiest.  We’ll talk about whole foods and macros.  We’ll fill the dishwasher with shaker cups.  We’ll go out for dinner in gym clothes.  We’ll go to bed early.  Sometimes we’ll only have a drink or two or none.  On the other hand, sometimes we’ll celebrate a PR with a burger and fries and one or seven drinks.  Whatever we do, we’ll always have a reason for our decisions.  We want you to try to get this, and you’ll have no trouble at all if you spend even a few weeks with us at the gym.
  4. We want a guy whose sex drive and stamina can match our own.  There.  I said it.  Secret’s out!  Women want sex too!  And, as mentioned, if she lifts she probably has a higher sex drive than most.

Yes, you might have to humble yourself a bit for that first 1-6 months to walk into a gym as a newb, but in my opinion, vulnerability is the new got-it-all-together!  We live in a world where social media allows us to showcase a perfect life, and so when a man or a woman can show weakness it makes that person 110x more attractive.

A final tip: We don’t need any special pick-up line.  We don’t need you to say anything about our muscles or our performance in the gym or about splitting a pint of bacon and crushing deadlifts with us.  You can if you want to if it comes from a real place, but sometimes we just want to feel like a regular girl and be taken on a date.

You don’t need to lift more than us, but we’d love it if you’d hit the gym with us.  And for the record, if you take us to a ball, we’ll probably even put on a dress (and we’ll blow your mind both in, and out of that dress!)

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Photo Credit: Warne Photography, Amanda Ubell (Dare to Dream Photography), and Emma Love Photography

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