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Summer Secrets to Fun without Fearing the September Scale

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Summer is here, girls and boys!

You know what that means!

  • Bikinis and beaches.
  • Sunshine and patios.
  • Sunsets and campfires.


But also:

  • Beer darts and burgers.
  • Sangria and smokies.
  • Hot dogs and s’mores.  And more beers.


Aaaaand a supplementary increase in our waist lines and the number on the scale come September, but IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!

Here’s some of my best advice for having fun in the sun while still feeling confident shedding your shirt on the beach right up until fall (and I saved my best tip for last, so make sure you read the WHOLE thing!):

1. Keep it 80/20.  80 per cent of what you eat should be whole foods (foods where the ingredient is its name!).  Steak, chicken, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, oatmeal, lettuce, broccoli, avocado, nut butter.  And 80% of the time, what should you be drinking?  You guessed it – WATER (add some lemon in there – diffuse it with cucumbers and ginger – get cray!).

20% of what you eat can be those fun, summer foods!  Hot dogs (even eat the bun #YOLO), s’mores, smokies.  This is where the alcoholic beverages come into play, too!

You’re not going to drink every day of the summer and have a good body – you’re just NOT!

You can have a few too many drinks a few times and still have a great body.  You can have a drink a day almost every day and still rock a bikini.

Keep it 80/20, kids!  Don’t think of it as saying no, think of it as saying, “I will tomorrow.”

That leads me to my next tip:

2. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet explains this as, “Make one healthy choice a day.”  Say “No,” to one thing that isn’t going to do your body any good today, and instead reach for a healthier option.  You’ll get a sudden boost of satisfaction and these little decisions will compound into increased will-power.  One positive choice a day will make the difference of easily 10-15 lbs in a year!

3. Get outside and exercise more!  What a shame – our main leisure activity in the summer is sitting around outside!  Sitting shouldn’t be considered leisure!

Go for a walk.  Get behind the boat and go water-skiing if you haven’t been on a pair in 10 years.  Borrow your neighbour’s kayak and take it for a spin (ask first, lol).  

Note: if you call yourself a CrossFitter part of your dogma is to “Regularly try new sports.”

Yes, take your barbell outside and make up some fun WODs (workout of the day), but also, just do activities you can’t do inside the walls of a gym!

It’s fun and it will remind you what it feels like to be a kid again, taking risks and trying new things, but it will also help ward off summer weight gain because by increasing your exercise you can increase your intake of calories!

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 8.03.58 AM


4. Eat before you go out.  I do this all the time, and people think I’m weird for a lot of reasons, but this isn’t one!  No one cares if you’re on a patio or at a barbecue and you aren’t eating.  They’re just looking to see if you have a drink in your hand, and when everyone has had more than a few, they won’t even notice what you’re doing at all.

So, have a meal before you go out, and enjoy a drink or three at the barbecue.  On a full stomach you’re less likely to reach for something your body doesn’t need, and you won’t be taking in those extra calories that will be falling out over your bikini strings or shorts next weekend.

5. My favourite piece of summer advice that one of my clients came up with – THE VODKA WATER TRICK!  Take your barbeque-navigating skills to the next level!  Fill a vodka bottle full of water and bring it with you to events.  Mix your own vodka waters and your friends will be thrilled you’re drinking with them.  Another client even used an orange-flavoured vodka bottle, and added orange essential oils.  She got the benefits of the essential oil, and drank something more refreshing and exciting!  These clients have just as much fun and no one gives them a hard time for not drinking.

The sneakiest trick of all time.  No one will even know you’re drinking water-waters! :’D

6. But the best, and most strategic way to enjoy some bevies without growing a belly?  Keep carbs 20 g lower that day for each drink you take in! This might mean that you eat a salad with chicken for lunch and skip the fries or the baked potato so you can enjoy a couple beer with lime instead.

The thing most people struggle with though?  Knowing how much carbs, protein, and fats they should be eating in the first place to feel and look great, and this is exactly what I teach clients in my nutrition program.

Summertime should be fun!  

It should be full of all those things!  

Sangria and smokies, bikinis and beaches!

But it shouldn’t send your health backwards making September the second New Year and a perfect time for renewing your resolutions.

It’s about learning how to balance it all.  How to have fun while getting fit.  Broccoli this afternoon and beers tonight.

It’s about the 80/20 rule.  

Getting outside and trying new activities with the people you love.  

Making decisions overarching the summer that put you in a better place come September, instead of setting you back.

“What you do every day matters more than what you do once in awhile.” – Gretchin Rubin


And this is exactly what my B4YB Summer challenge is designed for – helping you master those everyday habits and learn how much (and which) foods you should be eating to look and perform your best, while still being able to let loose and have fun in the sun.  Only 20 people can take part, so click here and contact me ASAP if you’re ready to make this truly your best summer yet so you can enter September with a smile on your face instead of shame in your heart when you step foot on the scale.

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