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Why Do You Want to Lose Weight?

What do you do when…?

  • A box of donuts shows up at work
  • You go out with friends and everyone’s drinking
  • You leave the office starving and don’t have anything ready for dinner

Do you say…?

  • “I’ll just have one donut”
  • “I never get to see these friends, so I’ll have a few drinks with them tonight”
  • “I can grab some fast food this one time”

I feel you.  I love me some donuts, a bottle of wine among friends, and a drive-thru Angus burger with sweet potato fries.  (Somehow, if it’s made with steak and the word “sweet” comes before the “fries”, I feel healthier).

The problem doesn’t lie in indulging once in awhile. The problem doesn't lie in indulging once in awhile. via @idealistisabel

The issue is when our “on occasion” turns into weekly or daily compromises.  Being lenient like this is fine if you want to maintain your weight, but it’s going to make it tough to cut body fat.

So how do you say, “No”?  How do you stop making excuses about why it’s okay this one time, every time an opportunity comes up?

Put yourself first when it comes to the gym and nutrition.

Here’s what my clients and I do to stick to solid nutrition:

  • She says, “No,” to the donut because she sees herself rocking her dress at her friend’s wedding two months from now.
  • She orders a tea while enjoying a few laughs at the bar with her friends because she envisions herself hitting her national qualifying total in her weight category at her next weightlifting meet.
  • She heads home instead of to the drive thru and whips up a bowl of oatmeal with some protein powder while munching on a few almonds because, although it isn’t fancy, it’s fast and it’ll help her achieve her goal. She’s motivated by the look that’ll be on the face of the guy who decided she wasn’t worth dating when she sees him at an event next week.

What these three women have in common is one thing: a vision, a “why.”  When she’s offered something that won’t help her achieve her goal, her mind flashes to a picture of the person she wants to be, and that alone empowers her enough to say, “No, thanks.”

What’s your, “why?”  Why do you want to lose weight?  It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else – but don’t just think of a sentence – paint a picture.  Close your eyes and dream up what your leaner self looks like.  But don’t stop there.

  • How does she feel? Is she happier than ever?
  • Does her smile have the power to light up a room?
  • Does she stand tall as she crosses a crowded bar when before she would cower?
  • Is she filled with pride and confidence?

Because – as silly as it might sound – she knows that if she can say, “No,” to a donut at the office there’s no telling how far her determination can take her.

Take the time today to figure out your weight loss “why.”

“He who has a why can bear almost any how.” – Nietzsche

Main Photo Credit: Warne Photography

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