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5 Holiday Eating Hacks

Last month, a leprechaun gave the gift of green liquor.  Now, a bunny’s bringin’ baskets of chocolate eggs.  I’d say we’re doin’ alright at this holiday thing – what do you think?

I believe in a world where we can eat green veggies and still have a green beer.  Someplace we can enjoy an egg white omelette, and crush a bag of crispy chocolate eggs all to ourselves.

It’s about balance.  Yin and yang.  Enjoying holidays but not letting them derail our everydays.  And so friend, here are five tips to enjoying a guilt-free long weekend:

Tip #2: Be like the bunny!
  1. Choose One Celebratory Meal

Did someone say wine and candied yams?  I’m in.  And I’ve tried both approaches: binge all day, or indulge during one meal.   A food coma following supper is much more manageable than a continuous state of discomfort from endless sugar and fat all day.

Choose one seating where you eat what you want, but stick to whole foods the rest of the day.  You’ll appreciate the indulgences more.  Keep the food fun to one meal.  Your belly, brain, and body will thank you and you’ll feel fairly normal the next day.

  1. Be Like the Bunny
While the rabbit brings us candied chicken embryos, it eats carrots. While the rabbit brings us candied chicken embryos, it eats carrots.

I’ve enjoyed enough holiday meals to know the scale is going to spike the following day, but I also know how to lesson the blow – and eating enough fibre and veggies is one tactic.

Eating fibre improves digestion.  Getting veggies, whole grains, beans, or fruit into your belly (as a norm) before you hit it with a big meal will ease the blow.

Eat 5+ cups of veggies a day, even on Easter!  This might mean a big salad with lean meat for lunch.  Your stomach will thank you for treating it with some tenderness, and your taste buds will still get to go for a ride a little later on.

If you’ve already got your veggie intake dialed in, consider increasing the probiotics in your diet by taking a supplement, drinking kombucha, or eating fermented foods like kimchi or sauerkraut.  Probiotics are known to improve digestion and reduce inflammatory bowel conditions; adding them in is a fanastic way to take your diet to the next level.

Up your veggies and probiotics to aid in digestion.  Your body won’t feel so bad after a big meal if you can go into it with a healthy gut (and I don’t mean the kind that could’ve grown from too many dates with the leprechaun’s liquor in March).

Please don’t try cooking in a crop top at home.
  1. Get Yo Water In

You might’ve guessed that water retention’s to blame for the spike on the scale after a holiday.  (You’d have to eat well over 10000 calories to gain 3 lbs of body fat.  That would be impressive.)  Often we feel puffy because we’ve taken in extra sugar, salt, or alcohol.  Each of these delicious things affect how much water our cells hold onto.

The best way to prevent water retention is to stay well-hydrated.  Drink lots of water over the next few days, on the day you celebrate, and the day that follows and your body weight will balance out before you know it.

  1. Sleep In

Sleeping is one of the best ways to regulate our hormones and to flush excess water from our bodies.  Take advantage of having a day off and catch some extra Z’s.  An extra hour or two of sleep is sometimes all we need to process water weight, and to wake up a few pounds leaner in the morning.

Sleeping enough also helps regulate hormones that increase our body’s ability to burn fat.  Take your holiday focus on sleep with you into your everyday life and you’ll get a little closer to your dream bod every time your head hits the pillow.

  1. Own It

Nothing feels worse than binge eating, and then regretting it.  Whatever you eat over the long weekend, enjoy every bite of it.

I believe intention is a lot more powerful than we think.  If you’re going to eat an entire pie, relish every bite and do it with a mindset of love – you’re pretty damn awesome and you deserve pleasure in your life.  Don’t eat an entire pie, and then feel guilty and shameful for it.  You’re not doing you (or anyone else who didn’t get to enjoy the pie) any favours by feeling bad.

Own your way of eating over the next few days – and for the rest of your life – to become the creator of your own dream body.

In Summary

There you have it, friend: my top five holiday eating hacks:

  • Choose one celebratory meal
  • Be like the bunny
  • Get yo water in
  • Sleep in
  • Own it

Implement these five ideas over the long weekend and I’m certain you’ll have a fantastic time with no regrets.  (Don’t you wish you had tips like these last month, with the leprechaun?)

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