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Intense and Idealistic

By Brittney Bergen

“Intense” and “Idealistic”

These are two of the most common words people have used to describe me – and often they didn’t mean them in a good way.

Regardless of what they meant, they were right.

  • My favourite way to lift is to establish a new 1 RM
  • My favourite music is the kind that’s played loud AF
  • The best conversations are the ones where we skip the small talk and go deep (and I don’t mean sexually – or maybe I do?)
Are you intense and idealistic, too?

If you ask me about my dreams, open up your ears, because they just might be the biggest ones you’ve ever heard.

And if you ask me to fall in love with you, you’d better have strong arms,

’cause this 130 lb weightlifter feels pretty fucking heavy when she comes crashing down from the clouds and the cosmos.  (I’ve never been accused of being “graceful.”)

If I love you, I will love you with all of my might.  If I love you, I will love you with all of my might. via @idealistisabel https://ctt.ec/Kff9I+


“Intense” and “Idealistic”?

Those words sound like loud AF music to my ears.

And if you’re reading this,

I imagine there’s a part of you that loves those words, too.

Because I believe they describe our natural,

Innate way of being.


Somewhere along the way we were asked to be quiet, to play safe,

To dream smaller.


And so we took our little light and hid it inside our heart (that same place where I like to visit with you in conversation).

We took our big dreams and clipped the corners off until they sounded “Realistic.”

We started eating mild salsa and replaced our freak flag with a tasteful table runner.

(Who the fuck needs a table runner?)


But if you’re reading this,

I’m here to remind you:

Life’s too short to show up as a fucking watered-down version of yourself. "Life's

Grab your little light, and your freak flag, and throw them in your favourite childhood backpack (mine was a Spider-Man one, yours?)

Climb the biggest mountain you can find

(Or heck – fly up to the clouds or cruise out into the cosmos).

Let your freak flag fly high and transform your little light into a spotlight.

Let all of us see just who you can be

When you dare to show up in all of your intensity.

When you restore your ability to dream.

When you remember the part of you that is

Intense and Idealistic.

Photo Credit: Chad Benko, Synergy Strength Saskatoon

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