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You’re Sexy When You’re Weak

By Brittney Bergen

The sexiest thing you ever did, was show me the parts of yourself you thought were ugly.

Anyone can:

  • showcase their strength
  • pump a highlight reel
  • shine a light on every part of themself that is good

I thought your highlight reel was cool, but when I saw what’s been left on the cutting room floor – that’s when I fell in love with you.

I thought you were strong until I saw you break in half.  That’s when I knew you were.

You took your messiness, and laid it out on a platter before me:

  • Tears streaming down your face
  • Cries originating from within the depths of your belly
  • Darkness displayed like a mirror reflecting back my own struggles

That’s when your strength took on new meaning for me, and I knew that, after all you’ve been through, you are a warrior.

There’s beauty in your “ugly-cry.”  There's beauty in your

The most courageous thing you ever did, was let me in to see your weakness.  Because to do that, you had to let go of your fear of not being enough.

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather, the judgement that something else is more important than fear.” – Ambrose Redmoon

When you showed up in what you felt was your ugliest state, you decided that being loved unconditionally is more important than being loved for anything you’ve ever done – or for being anyone you thought you had to be.

  • And when you showed up in the way you felt was your ugliest, all I saw was beauty
  • When you showed up in the way you felt was your weakest, all I saw was strength
  • When you shared with me the parts of yourself you thought were unlovable, all I felt was love

And guess what?  I’m your mirror, too.  I can only show you the love that already exists within you.

When you decided to be vulnerable, you became Unconditional Love.


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