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The Truth About Lingerie Football Players

My name is Amanda Ruller and I play in two football leagues.

IMG_7648 (2)

I play lingerie football with the Atlanta Steam, and I also play (in regular gear) for Team Canada.

Women’s football alone is an interesting topic.  Add lingerie to the mix, and the discussion becomes even more fascinating.

I’m here today to chat with you about the Legends Football League (a lingerie league).

Strong athletic women play football as hard as they can – but in less clothing then men. We wear sports bras and bum huggers with shoulder pads. But don’t let the uniform fool you, the women that play in this league are amazing athletes. I get questions all the time about things people have heard about the league and I’m excited to debunk some myths.

Myth #1: Athletes Feel Uncomfortable in the Uniform

The number one question I get asked is, “Don’t you feel uncomfortable in your uniform?”

The answer to that is simple: “No.” I was fortunate to participate in track and field my entire life, and for that sport you have to wear a similar uniform to race sprints. I ran the 60, 100, and 200 metre races, and that required as little clothing as possible to get from one end of the track to the next. I was used to wearing that type of uniform, so it felt natural for me to play football in a similar uniform.

I knew coming in that was the uniform and I had no hesitations about it. I feel like uniforms are empowering and they make me feel like a different person. Almost like a superhero, you’re able to transform into a different persona. They make me feel like I can achieve anything.

Just like the women who feel empowered competing in sports bras for Crossfit or Beach Volleyball, the women in the Legends Football League are confident in who they are and how their body looks.

Myth #2: Fans Just Come to Games to Watch You Play in Those Uniforms

This is not the case. We have a huge following and fan base in the United States. Fans come to the game knowing stats and facts about players and they buy our merchandise to show their support.

Patrons that are invested in the league come to watch high level competitive football.  We play hard and execute the game in a high-level matter.

Sure, some people might show up to the first game excited to see us play in our uniforms, but I’ve heard many people say, “After a few minutes watching, you don’t even notice the uniforms.”

Myth #3: The Players in This League are Models, Not Athletes

False. All the girls on my team are legit athletes. Although it’s true that when the league first started they had a vision for models to play, when they did that, the level of play wasn’t there. This is why they’ve completely shifted their focus to real athletes.

When you try out for the LFL, you have to go through all the same testing drills as if you were trying out for the NFL. That way they know the women coming in are physically ready to play the game.

There’s no room for those that just want to half-ass this game. You have to put your heart and body on the line and make sure you’re physically ready to do so.

Don’t get me wrong, the women on our team are damn good looking but they can also play a damn good game of football.

IMG_6845 (1)

Myth #4: You’re a Professional Athlete, You Must Get Paid Thousands of Dollars

Ummm, not even close. Unfortunately, women’s football has yet to hit the mark where we get paid thousands of dollars to play. We are spending our own time and our own money getting to practices, showing up to games, and training on the side.

Most of the paid opportunities come from sponsorship deals from outside companies – sponsorship makes it easier for athletes the opportunity to pursue their athletic goals.

Everyone on my team has a job outside of playing football.

Myth #5: All the Women on Your Team Are Single and Looking

This is not true. We are very focused on our goals and dreams as athletes and we are not always looking for that special someone. Now, if someone happens to come along and aligns with those goals then that would be alright.

Although we appreciate affection (what girl doesn’t?), please don’t keep direct messaging us if we don’t answer you the first time. No means no.

Some of the women are in committed relationships and some are single – just like any other group of women out there.

In Conclusion

I hope this helped out a little bit with your questions about the Legends Football League, and I hope even more that you become a lifelong fan!  Can’t wait to see you at a game!


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6 thoughts on “The Truth About Lingerie Football Players

  1. Really cool and informative post! Thanks for sharing! I knew absolutely nothing about the Legends Football League. I’ve never seen a game myself but it’s really cool that there’s a fan base. Is this televised?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s not on CW anymore. LFL can be seen Saturdays at 10pm pacific on Eleven Sports Network or Games air on a one week delay, meaning the game you see on tv was played the prior weekend.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Amanda, amazing write up. The LFL is, as I see it, the ultimate in women’s football. It’s what everybody comes to. Some disagree with the marketing and uniform, but like you said yourself it’s what brings them in, then the level of play is what takes over and keeps them coming back. Keep up the amazing work, you are an incredibly gifted athlete and i look forward to seeing more of your gridiron action for years to come


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