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3 Goal Setting Strategies That Changed My Life

By Rana Wright

“When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen!” – Unknown

Do YOU hold the pen in the story of YOUR life?

I’ve had moments where I caught myself letting outside factors determine how my life was unfolding: I let work, kids, family, and friends take the pen from my hand.  (Have you been there?)

What if instead, you envisioned it for yourself and wrote your own story? Do you think things would turn out differently?

If others are holding our pen, we are consciously blind to the goals and opportunities that await us. We rush into things without thought or vision, letting life live us instead of intentionally creating our dream lives.

What if you slowed down and thought about what it was YOU truly wanted and listened to your gut (your inner voice if you will)? When you take the time to sit and listen, you will be surprised what you hear.

All great accomplishments (big or small) come from having a vision. All great accomplishments (big or small) come from having a vision. https://idealisticisabel.com/2017/09/07/3-goal-setting-strategies-that-changed-my-life/ via @idealistisabel

Vision is the art of seeing things invisible. – Jonathan Swift

I started my journey to envisioning the life and adventures I wanted a year and half ago.  I was looking for some help with my nutrition. We were headed to California for the CrossFit games. My goal was to walk around in the land of the “World’s Fittest Fans” with a six pack of my own.

Crossfit Games Abs
CrossFit Games 2016 – “Mission Abs” was a success

I had locked up my potential behind a door of insecurity. I knew it would take more than just having the abs to walk around in public wearing only my sports bra. I wanted a holistic approach and knew I needed to work on my entire being – as well as my abs: The true key to my success would also have to include growth in mind and spirit.

When I signed up with Idealistic Isabel, I didn’t realize that more than abs and eating well again, I would gravitate big time to the goal setting side of the work we were doing. It turns out I LOVE setting goals and knocking them down.  I felt such a high setting my sights on something and then making it happen.  My self confidence grew in leaps and bounds.

Envisioning your goals can seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. There are many ways to set your goals.

1. Write a Bucket List

Have something you really want to do? Write that shit down.  Even if the first thing on your bucket list is to start a bucket list, you win! You’ve already hit one goal.

Make a list of 30, 50, or 100 things you’d love to do before you die – let your imagination run wild like a kid writing a Christmas list (for life)!

Checking off a bucket list item: This summer I visited the Guinness Store House in Dublin Ireland

One of my lifetime dreams has been to go to Ireland. This goal was on my bucket list and also on my vision board.  A double whammy of telling the UNIVERSE what I wanted. After seeing this goal on a daily basis on my board, I was able to turn a dream into reality.

2. Meditate

Sometimes, to see what it is we truly want, we just need 10 minutes of quiet time to reflect. Meditation can be just the tool you need to slow down and allow the crazy of life to float away so the truth can flutter in.

Meditation comes in different forms.  For me, it’s walking my dogs in the early morning before the city wakes up. Before the hustle and bustle of the day starts.  When the only thing you hear is the birds chirping in the trees. It’s the time when I truly hear what my heart desires.

Maybe for you it’s journalling – emptying all your thoughts out on paper.

Or perhaps you like get up before your kids, spouse or roommate do and sit in the quiet of your home with a hot cup of tea or coffee watching the steam rise up.

It could be a traditional style of mediation where you sit comfortably in a quiet space with your feet on the ground and your hands in your lap letting your thoughts come and go.  There are so many great apps now for meditation.  “Headspace” is a great tool for beginners.

3. Make a Vision Board

This is my favourite thing to do! I was drawn to the vision board. For me, visual cues are the best. Seeing something daily is the best way to keep a goal in your mind’s eye.

Vision Board

Your vision board can include whatever YOU need.  Maybe it’s photos of the goal you want. It could be filled with your favourite inspirational quotes. Your bucket list could go on that vision board, as could your favourite mantra or poem.

One of my goals was to compete in a weightlifting competition.  The medal I won is on my vision board to remind myself I can achieve the things I envision.

I also have a sloth hanging on my board, and this weekend I am off to spend the weekend with my mom at a sloth sanctuary. Not only will we visit with these amazing creatures but we will spend the night in the sanctuary amongst these slow moving beauties.  All this stemmed from a single photo on my vision board!

Fill the board up with as many dreams and aspirations as you can.


The Future is straight ahead, and you have the power to make it look the way YOU want. There is no time like the present to pick up the pen and write the story of YOUR life!  Will you take the time to envision what you want?

September is the perfect month to envision and take steps towards your ideal body, and future.  For more information on our holistic approach to nutrition coaching (with Rana, Jess, or Brittney), visit this page.

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