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3 Lessons I Learned by Travelling Solo

By Jessica Grant

Have you ever

  • Felt the pull to jump in your car and take off?
  • Had an aching in your feet to venture to an unknown destination?
  • Experience an tug in your soul to try something new?

Have you ever acted on it?

I did and it was one of the best life altering decisions I could’ve ever made.

I decided to take a trip on my own and experience Central America. I travelled through 4 countries: Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. It was a seventeen-day adventure where I got to check off major bucket list items.

You can learn lots about yourself traipsing through the streets of a foreign city.

Here Are 3 Lessons I Learned From Traveling Solo:

1. Be Fearless: It’s Never As Scary As You Think

#YOLO (you only live once)– that acronym explains it all. Take advantage of the time you have and experience as much as you can. You will never be at the same place at the same point in time again so why not take the plunge?

Making the decision to travel on your own is the first step to being fearless. Stepping off the plane in a foreign country is step two. Getting into a van with a random Guatemalan man and trusting you’ll end up at the correct hotel is step three. The rest should be a cake walk.

Walking across the border from Guatemala to Honduras

2. Be Open to New Experiences

You might meet your new best friend, encounter a stranger that will enrich your life or try the most amazing cuisine. Be willing to experience all that you can with an open heart and mind.

I went on this journey with no expectations. All I wanted was to do and see as much as I could in the time I had and boy, did I do all the things.  Here’s a little bit about each of my experiences (Which one appeals most, to you?):

  • Scuba Diving –  (Breathing underwater? That doesn’t sound scary at all!) Once you’re below the surface swimming along the reef all thoughts about the world above leave you. It feels like a zen trance of listening to your breath and gliding through the water, experiencing a whole new ecosystem. PADI certified diving course, here I come!
  • White water rafting – They filled you up with a traditional Costa Rican breakfast which provided the energy for the 5 hour rafting ride down the Pacuare River. Imagine the sounds of cicadas and waterfalls in the jungle, rafting between canyons as you dodge rocks and try to stick to the Plan A your guide laid out for you. More often than not, our raft ended up on Plan C: “Don’t Fall Out of the Boat!”
  • Bungee jumping – This was the most pulse-pounding, frightening leap of faith I have ever taken, and when it was all over, I wanted to do it again.
  • Cliff Jumping – The name says it all. Jumping from varying heights into the crisp clean water below. Remember to plug your nose!
  • Ziplining – Zipping along the canopy of the jungle, and across a valley superman style. What a rush!


Ziplining in Monteverde, Costa Rica



3. Be You: Sounds Cliché, But It’s the Truth

On this trip I remembered the freedom that my soul feels while doing the things that make me happy. If I could tell myself one thing it would be, don’t hold back. Don’t let fears or misconceptions stop you from achieving what you want in life. Have that conversation, tell that person you love them, write that blog and tell the world who you are. Step onto the platform and take a leap of faith.

You may just find the best version of yourself packed in a van with 23 other people, surfing the waves of the pacific or belting out karaoke songs at a bar in Honduras. We only have so much time to enjoy this life so why not enjoy it as yourself?

Watching the sun set over Lake Nicaragua

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5 thoughts on “3 Lessons I Learned by Travelling Solo

  1. From one Traveler to another, this is fantastic advice. When I took the plunge to become fully nomadic over a year ago, I went through so many life-changing positive experiences and I wouldn’t give it up for anything! Wonderful post and keep them coming!

    Liked by 1 person

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