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Quick Nutrition Tips for Surviving the Weekend

By Jessica Grant

You take a look at your calendar Thursday night and realize your weekend is jam-packed. Between the date night, baby shower, coffee with the grandparents, and your best friend’s birthday party, how are you ever going to stick to your meal plan?

(Life, I tell ya! Always getting in the way!)

I’m here to let you know that it doesn’t have to be so hard. You can live your life, follow your plan, and enjoy the cake at the baby shower all at the same time. It takes patience and planning, but you’re 100% worth it!

Say so long to the weekend binge fest, and starting again on Monday, and let’s greet your new lifestyle with open arms.

Here’s to perfect macros AND cake!  Here’s to perfect macros AND cake! https://ctt.ec/ctTl0+ via @idealistisabel
Weekend nutrition doesn’t have to be scary

Here are some Quick Tips to Surviving the Weekend and Staying on Track:

  1. Consistency is Queen

What you do during the week translates into the weekends. If your weekend is going to be full with activities (or even if you stay in and watch Netflix) take some time and make sure you:

  • Meal Prep Like a Boss – There’s no better way to stay on track then to prepare yourself. Take time the day before to prep the supplementary snacks and meals for in between (or at) weekend events, and log all your food into My Fitness Pal. That way when it comes time to eat, you don’t have to second guess yourself. It’s already ready!
  • Focus on Hitting Your Macros  – Aim to hit those numbers just like any other day of the week, and if you want to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, reduce your daily carbohydrate intake by 20 g per drink.
    • For example – if your carb goal is 200 g/day and you plan on having 2 glasses of wine, reduce your carb intake to 160 g for that day (including the already tracked wine)
    • If you go out for a meal, try looking up the menu online beforehand and make your choice before you walk into the restaurant. Also, don’t be afraid to modify your meal. Ask for double veg instead of a starch or ask for your meal to be cooked without excess oil. 
    • Visiting a friend or going to a catered event?  You can also ask the organizer for the menu in advance.  People can be surprisingly supportive when they know you’re chasing down a goal.
If you plan ahead, you can have it all.  If you plan ahead, you can have it all. https://ctt.ec/F6Sj3+ via @idealistisabel
    1.  Your Goals Matter

This is your journey and you are doing it for you. You may run into people who don’t understand. You might feel pressured to drink beer or eat pizza. Keep your goals and yourself in mind.

You are doing this for a reason, so stick to the plan you laid out for yourself. You may have to take some time to explain what you’re doing – but often by letting others know that you’re focusing on your health – you’ll actually end up inspiring them in the long run! (Even if they don’t understand today.)

Regardless, remember there’s no need to apologize for your choices. You’re worth the commitment you made to yourself.

  1.  Balance Your Choices

Follow the 80/20 rule. Eat whole foods 80% of the time, and the 20%? That’s just enough fun to prevent you from jumping down the rabbit hole.

Choose 1-2 treats per week and make sure you log it all.

If you slip up, own it! We’ve all been there but don’t let it discourage you. Get back behind the wheel and take control.

There Ya Have It!

Implement these 3 tactics to transform your weekends: plan ahead to stay consistent, honour yourself and your goals, and keep it 80-20.  Do this, and when Thursday rolls around and your weekend is jam packed with activities, you’ll be able to look at it with excitement instead of fear.

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