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2 Mind Tricks to Feel OK About Tossing Junk Food

By Brittney Bergen

Have you ever found yourself stuck in one of these scenarios?

You’re at…

  1. A wedding and you bite into a gorgeous looking cupcake. It tastes like cardboard.
  2. Work and a coworker – with the best of intentions – puts cheap, store-bought donuts on your desk as a gift
  3. Home after a long, hard day. You’re craving something sweet and so you scour the pantry. You find leftover holiday candy or a box of basic superstore cookies you won in a gift basket.
You know those cheap cookies you don’t even love, but you eat anyway?

None of these things is truly scrumptious or what you want to satisfy your soulful sweet tooth, but a part of you feels obligated to finish it. (Kind of like that book you just started and aren’t enjoying. Somehow it keeps looming over you and won’t let you start something new until you’ve turned the last page.)

I’ve been there, sister or bro, and these are my two favourite mind tricks for putting sweetened carboard or salty, fried junk in its place, guilt-free:

1. “It’s Going To Become Waste Anyway”

Either you can send that sub-par cupcake straight to the waste basket, OR you can eat it and it will become waste WHILE wreaking havoc in your body along the way.  Might as well spare yourself the pain, and damage, and place it straight in the trash.

2. “Would You Donate It To the Food Bank?”

This one goes out to anyone whose parents said something like, “There are starving children across the globe,” to get you to finish your plate.

Yes, there are people going hungry all over the world (and likely even just down the street).  But would you really give them a bag of mini chocolate bars or a pack of donuts if you loved them and wanted to help them?

Every once in awhile I declutter my cabinets.  The canned veggies, beans, and meats go straight to the food bank.

The sugary or MSG-laden packaged products?  They go right where they belong: the garbage.


Anything with a super long expiry probably shouldn’t even be classified as “food”  Anything with a super long expiry probably shouldn't even be classified as

The Real Dessert (Conclusion)

“If you don’t love it, don’t eat it. And if you do love it, savour it.” – Evelyn Tribole

1. That cardboard cupcake?

  • While everyone has their wine glass or beer raised to their lips, sneak over to the trash can and tuck it underneath a plate.
  • Get out on the dance floor and seek bliss through moving your body to music with friends, instead of a sugary high.
  • And when, at the next wedding, the cupcake tastes like heaven? Mindfully enjoy every bite – guilt free – because you save your sweet tooth for the good stuff.

2. The donuts?

  • Thank your co-worker for the gesture and share them around the office, or
  • Spare everyone the harmful effects of the addictive crystal structure they’re made with, and sneak them into the bottom of the trash can when no one’s looking.
  • You don’t have to consume the treat to appreciate the feeling it came with.

3. The pantry poison?

  • Trash it, and prep yourself a healthy and delicious alternative made with love, instead of with the intention of mass-producing an addictive substance for financial gain.
  • My favourite quick treats? 90% cacao dark chocolate with a tbsp of peanut butter on top. OR A bowl of plain greek yogurt with a triple-berry blend, peanut butter, hemp hearts, and chia seeds mixed in.
  • Find your favourite homemade healthy treat prepped with love, and have that instead.

Intention is everything. I believe it’s even more powerful than the physical food we place between our lips, onto our tongues, and into our bellies.

If you’re going to eat a treat, eat it with the intention of loving yourself and squeezing as much pleasure out of your life on this planet as possible!

DON’T eat cardboard, mass-produced junk food because you feel guilty about not finishing it. Tell yourself, “It’s going to become waste either way, and if I eat it, it will cause damage along the way.” Or ask yourself, “Would I donate this to the food bank?”

And if you choose something absolutely delicious and prepared with love instead? Don’t ever feel guilty afterwards. Enjoy every bite, and don’t think twice about it. Step back into the present moment and move forward in the direction of your dream body and your dream life.

You are worthy of the best, my friend. Don’t even think twice about tossing junk food and choosing something that honours you instead.

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