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One Question to Solve All (Food, Family, & Fitness) Holiday Woes

By Brittney Bergen

“What would love do?” 

Ask yourself this one simple question every time you find yourself in a challenging holiday moment when it comes to food, family, or fitness. I imagine your decision will flow a lot more easily (AND with a lot less guilt).

3 Festive Food Tips

Would Love enjoy a treat here or there? Heck yes she would! But would she mindlessly devour an entire tray of cookies? Probably not.

  1. Focus on filling up on nutrient dense foods like veggies and lean protein, and enjoy your treats by mindfully savouring every bite.
  2. Drink your water all day, and delight yourself in a glass of wine with dinner.
  3. Try adding a fermented food like sauerkraut to the side of your turkey dinner to help your body digest that delicious (giant) meal.

Love would eat her vegetables to make sure her bod was getting all of the marvelous micronutrients it needs over the holidays.


But love would never say no to a butter tart. 

3 Pieces of Gleeful Family Guidance

Holiday stress can add unique pressure to family “fun time.” Here’s how to keep – and grow – the “happy” in “Happy Holidays”:

  1. Look at your fam through a lens of love. Choose to celebrate their strengths and accept their weaknesses.
  2. Speak up for yourself or others if necessary, but let the little things go and focus on the big picture. Choose to lose yourself in a convo about what you have in common instead of somberly focussing on your differences.
  3. Release the pains of the past to create your most treasured Christmas present (see what I did there?)

3 Suggestions For Merry Training Sessions

The holidays are supposed to be gleeful, not guilt-laden! And yet often we end up beating ourselves up if we “skip” a workout to spend time with the fam.

Here’s what I suggest:

  1. If your body is asking for a challenge, use up them Christmas carbs by hitting the weights or doing circuit training (heck, the holidays are the PERFECT time to use a day off to try out the local CrossFit gym).
  2. Rest is SO underrated. A lot of us work our asses off until Dec 23rd, leaving our bodies crying out for restoration. Listen. Try out a yin class at your local yoga studio, go for a walk with the fam, or give yourself permission to make sitting around the fire with friends and laughing until your gut aches your WOD (workout of the day).
  3. Hit a workout with a family member. Nothing strengthens bonds like accomplishing something challenging together.


And if you forget all 3 x 3 of these tips, just remember to ask yourself, “What would love do?” every time you’re faced with a food, family, or fitness decision over the holidays.

There’s one thing I can guarantee you, though. Love would never ever feel guilty about eating a piece of mom’s pumpkin pie, or letting her workout wait while she loses herself in a conversation with a loved one.

Happy Holidays, Idealistic Tribe!

Photos: Emma Love Photography

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