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Why I’m Putting My Phone Down at 8pm

By Jessica Grant

How many hours a day do you spend mindlessly scrolling social media?

I’m not judging you. I’m right there with you.   I'm not judging you. I'm right there with you. https://ctt.ec/54iW6+ via@idealistisabel

Some days, I don’t even WANT to know how much time I spend on my phone. There are times when hours pass by and all I’ve done is play with Snapchat filters, check Instagram or look at random Buzzfeed articles titled “17 Time the Internet Nailed What Being in your Thirties is REALLY Like.” What’s a random article you’ve read lately?

Anyway, both you and I know that social media is an enormous distraction in our daily lives. It takes away from what is right in front of you. I’ve decided to put my phone down at 8pm. There is no need for me to spend anymore time mindlessly opening apps. I’d rather enjoy a snack before bed, journal, listen to a podcast and have a real conversation with my boyfriend. All without interruption. My headspace is a lot clearer and allows me to tune into myself.


There are always pros and cons to everything but spending too much time looking at a screen and delving into the world of Instagram can cause:

  • A comparison culture: comparing our ordinary sweat pants and Netflix lives with filtered highlighted reels of fitness models
  • Shitty sleep: the blue light from our devices prevents our bodies from producing melatonin at night, making it harder to fall asleep
  • Putting things off: Studies show that addiction to our screens causes us to procrastinate more than ever before. I’ll raise a cell phone light to that.
  • Headaches? Neck problems? Creating poor postural habits by looking down will weaken your anterior neck muscles and add a lot more stress to your upper back and shoulders.

Hmmm.. I think you get the point.


  • Read the book that’s been on your night stand
  • Take the time to have a meaningful conversation with your significant other
  • Take a bath, stretch and get ready for the next day without distractions


I challenge you to find a no phone zone and/or a no phone time. I’ve started to put my phone down at 8 pm. NO MORE social media. This is ME time.


  • Leaving your phone outside of the bedroom. (gasp! – you’ll be okay)
  • Turn off ALL notifications so you check your phone intentionally at break times, instead of as a mindless distraction
  • Set your phone to ‘do not disturb’ between the hours of 8 pm and when you wake up in the morning.

Start by doing this 3x a week, then 4, then every SINGLE day. Watch your productivity increase, your sleep get better and the relationships with the people right in front of you flourish.

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