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5 Tips to Take Your Salad to Another Level

By Brittney Bergen

Who doesn’t love a SUPER LEGIT salad?! You know, like the one you’d order at a gourmet restaurant. It shows up at your table towering with glorious toppings. (My mouth is watering just thinking about it.)

Apparently, 9% of you don’t love LEGIT salads.

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This blog isn’t for the 9% of you. It’s for the 91% of you who are amped about arugula, stoked about seeds, and fired up about fruit on top of a bed of mixed greens.

Here are my…

Top Tips for Taking Your Salad to Another Level

  1. Have Fun with Fruit

Make a game out of it: buy a new kind of fruit for your salads every time you go to the grocery store.

Try one of these next time:

  • Pear or apple for simple sweetness
  • Mango or pineapple for a tropical flair
  • Strawberries or raspberries for freshness that tastes like it came straight from the garden
  • Avocado (#truth – it’s a fruit) for healthy fat

avocadomeme (1)

  1. Mix Up Your Greens

I don’t mean literally to stir them (although that’s not a bad idea). I mean: try something new!

My personal favourite greens to add into a salad:

  • Organic spring mix, kale, or spinach for the base
  • Arugula for a sort of “spicy” flavour
  • Fresh herbs like cilantro for a taco salad or basil for a salad with fresh fruit (you can grow your own in your windowsill and pull from them whenever)
  • Top it with sprouts or pea shoots to enhance the freshness of your feast
  1. Go Nuts for Seeds

Part of the art of salad-making is bringing a variety of textures to your plate.

Nuts and seeds are a great way to add some heartiness and crunch to your salad.

Try these:

  • Walnuts
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Hemp hearts or chia seeds

Or, my personal favourite: toasted almonds!


Here’s How to Toast Your Own Almonds:

When you make these, your whole house will smell like a heartier, girthier version of popcorn. #aromatherapywin

Buy a bag of almonds, and as soon as you get home set the oven to broil. If your broil setting is adjustable, set it to 400, and if it’s not – that’s okay – just keep an extra close eye on them. 😉

If you have the oven set to 400, toast them for about 5 minutes per side or until they are medium-dark brown. If your broil setting isn’t adjustable, you’ll only need about 2 minutes per side.

You’ll know they’re done when your house smells like toasted heaven and you hear some of the almonds starting to “pop.”

Chop a few warm ones for your salad right now, or cool the whole almonds and store them in a jar until you want to chop them to add to a salad.

  1. Play With Your Protein

Let’s be honest: we’ve all had enough chicken Caesar salads for one lifetime. It’s time to play with the protein on your plate:

  • Try a roasted chicken leg or thigh instead of chicken breast to keep your dish moist without all the dressing
  • Make maple-glazed citrus salmon with a little maple syrup and fresh-squeezed orange juice
  • Soft-boil some eggs for gorgeous colour and heartwarming texture and taste

Or, try this Almond Crusted Mahi-Mahi Salad recipe.

  1. Dress-It-Down

With all those flavours and textures in your salad, you won’t need much for dressing.

Here are my favourite simple dressing options:

  • A maple balsamic vinegar to top a fresh summer salad
  • An oil and vinegar combo, like Jalapeno lime balsamic vinegar and Italian Herb and Garlic oil from Oliv
  • Guacamole, Greek yogurt, and salsa for a taco salad – you can make the guacamole homemade or buy “Wholly Guacamole Minis” from the store

FullSizeRender (64).jpg

There you have it, 91%er. My top 5 tips to take your salad to another level.

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