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Find Power In Your Intuition

By Jessica Grant



  1. the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

This guidance comes from your inner self and before you stop reading this and write it off as some hokey BS. Ask yourself:

  • Have you ever been asked a question and known the answer immediately?
  • Have you ever felt drawn to a certain person or place?
  • Have you ever experienced de ja vu or odd coincidences?
  • Ever make a decision that you knew was wrong and then spend the rest of the week becoming frustrated and easily angered?

In all of these instances your intuition was guiding you. Sending you alerts and signals that a situation or decision was right/wrong, good/bad, healthy or destructive. We just have to listen!

We are all born with our own intuition and it’s free to access.


Take the time to tap into it and really discover your own innate wisdom.

Now, before we delve deep, let me warn you that it takes practice.  At times, this inner guide can be like a friend you’re trying to avoid, or you may reach a place where you feel as connected as you would with a friend on a 30-day snapchat streak. Whichever the case, you need to be mindful and allow yourself space to tap into your divine self.

Be aware: Your EGO will show up. It always does.

The EGO is a part of our conscious mind and is made up of the beliefs we hold about ourselves. It’s constructed through our life experiences and often carries our limitting thought patterns. You know the ones that arise when you just got a new promotion at work, started dating someone new, achieved a long-time goal. It’s whispering in the background, “You’re not good enough,” “You don’t deserve this,” “They could do better.”

Following your intuition can help you realize when the EGO has surfaced and build confidence towards making your OWN decisions. I’m talking divinely guided decisions! Once you start to do this, you may notice your

  • Anxiety decrease
  • Sleep improves
  • Confidence increases
  • You may even notice feelings of joy, pride, and fulfillment. (Who doesn’t want that?!)

Here are some ways to start honing your ability to listen to your truth:

  1. Start with smaller decisions. This can be anything:
    • Should I go on this coffee date?
    • Is this the right food choice?
    • Should I accept an invitation to an event?
    • Do I want to stay up late or go to bed early?

Take the time to feel inside your body. When I ask myself questions I immediately receive an answer, a sense of yes or no resonates from my pelvis. When I don’t listen to this feeling or I try to rationalize the answer I received a feeling of overwhelming anxiety which sits itself on my sternum.

_So let me be the one to tell you that you are under no obligation to anyone_-2

Stop and check in with your body/soul right now: “Intuition, show me what a ‘yes’ feels like.” “Intuition, show me what a ‘no’ feels like.”

There, you already know how to listen!

  1. Once you ask yourself a question, your intuition will respond but you might hear a second answer pop up. This is your EGO jumping in with its two- This is the tricky part that takes practice. Try and listen to that first instinct AS MUCH as you can.

You know the time when you were asked to do something and said yes although you REALLY wanted to say no? Your intuition was there, saying no. But since the EGO piped in and started your mind twirling with, “What if they don’t like me,” or, “I owe them a favour,” or even, “If I say no, they’ll stop asking me to hang out.”

Think about that situation.

  • How did it feel in your body? Were you upset, frustrated or angry with yourself?
  • Did you enjoy the interaction or the experience?

Often times we respond this way because we feel obligated.

So let me be the one to tell you that you are under no obligation to anyone. 

  1. Go back to the start and practice again. Do this as often as you need until it becomes second nature. Starting with those small decisions and building up to bigger ones.

Before you know it, your ego won’t speak so loud anymore. As you listen to your divine self, your life will transform into something HEAVENLY to match.

With love and light,


If you’re ready to tap into your own intuition (and if you want Jessica to guide you along your journey), we have a program just for you! Our Dream Life Design program starts May 9thth. It will help you: get clear on your vision, learn deep self-love, and it will give you the strategies you need to get into your dream life. Click here for more information.

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