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When You’ve Looked Everywhere for Happiness, Where Will You Find it?

By Rana Wright

“And no matter where you go, there you are!” – Confucius

Have you heard this saying before?

Have you stopped to think about what it means?

To me, it means that no matter where I go, what I do, or what is happening in my life, all the things inside my head and heart come with me.

In the past, I’ve equated happiness with:

  • a new pair of shoes,
  • a trip somewhere,
  • putting blonde highlights into my hair,
  • or having abs and a certain number on the scale.

I believed the busier I kept myself doing ALL THE THINGS the happier l’d be in life.  I was chasing inner peace and happiness, but it always seemed just outside my grasp.

Any of this sound familiar to you at all, my friend?

Turns out…. I was way off base.

You see…I’d get that new pair of shoes and feel like I was the QUEEN OF SHOES. I mean, my new shoes were the shoes to end all shoes. Eventually though, my shoe love affair would dwindle. I’d start shopping all over again in the hopes a new pair of Reebok Nanos might fill my void.


I travelled all over the world.  I went to Beijing and back, and said “Aloha” in Hawaii on the beach, yet I still felt a sadness inside.


                  (Great Wall of China January 16, 2000 was amazing and cold, very cold)

Blonde highlights were fun too. For awhile, but they faded, and 6-8 weeks later I’d be back in my hairstylists chair for a refresher.

blog 4.jpg

(Do Blondes really have more fun?)

And the abs, well, I lost weight and had abs. Then, I put on some weight and they disappeared.  It didn’t matter what the number on the scale read, how fabulous my new shoes looked or how brilliant my highlights were I still felt empty.

Do you relate to this too?  Do you relate to this too? https://ctt.ec/nTLe4+ /via@idealistisabel

The treasure isn’t always found at the end of the rainbow.  Sometimes, you find it at the start, right where you’re standing. I’d been chasing my treasure, my happiness, my dream life in all kinds of ways.

blog 3

It wasn’t until I had my ‘ah-ha’ moment when I realized I had to stand still for a moment (and I’m talking a long moment here – like 6 months of a moment) and really examine my feelings.   I realized I needed to do the shift from the inside out.

There are things you can do to start your shift too. You can work with:

  • a nutrition coach (I know some REALLY GREAT nutrition coaches)
  • a personal trainer
  • a yogi to help you find your inner peace and happiness
  • a dream life coach

These are great first steps to get you on your way.  However, you need to acknowledge the shift will have to be done by YOU. You must learn to accept and love yourself right where you are at this very moment. You can lose all the weight, perform all the reps in the gym with your personal trainer, stretch your body on the mat as you namaste, but if you don’t actively work on your self love and inner peace the emptiness will remain.

I was asked to answer the question “Who the f*ck are you?” in my Dream Life Design program with Idealistic Isabel.  I didn’t know.  I asked friends, family and the universe to give me the answers. In the end, I started soul searching.  I went down deep, looking inward, to find out who I was, what I wanted out of life, and what was holding me back.  I did the work for myself.  It had to be me who did the work, asked the questions, gave myself the answers and then shifted into this new perspective.

The shift I made? Loving myself fully no matter what.

Let’s be clear! I still buy new shoes because SHOES!!! I travel all the time too because I love experiencing new cultures and customs.  The more I travel, I appreciate coming home more too! Highlights are a must in life because this gal has some grey hair that she’s just not ready to share with the world yet! My weight goes up, it goes down, my abs come out and sometimes they hibernate.  There are times when I feel super sexy in my jeans and other times, I prefer to wear my sweatpants for the full “Joey from FRIENDS Thanksgiving experience”.


No matter how:

  • awesome my shoes are
  • far I travel
  • radiant my highlights are

and whether I have abs or not…I love myself exactly right where I am.

“Where ever you go, go with all your heart.” – Confucius

If you’re ready to shift into your new perspective, and if you want Rana to guide and support you along your journey, we have THE program just for you! Our Dream Life Design program starts May 9th. Learn to love yourself too no matter where you are at!

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