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There’s No Right Way, Sometimes You Have To Go Left

By Jessica Grant

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.”

Was Forest Gump right or what?

Life is a crazy adventure at times and mundane during the others.

Embrace and enjoy both. You get to choose and live to your fullest expression!

That’s my hallelujah moment: I get to choose! There is no right or wrong way. Sometimes you must go left and step outside of the norm to truly follow your soul’s purpose. Societal standards may tell us one thing, but ultimately, we get to forge our own path. Are you brave enough to accept the challenge?


I write this to you as a 31-year-old woman who currently lives in her dad’s basement. This was not in my life plan but it is where I am. I’m sure you can relate on some level. What I do know is, that I am continually moving forward and creating the life I desire through different experiences. Pushing the boundaries of who I am and what I am comfortable doing.

In the past year I’ve spent time:

  • Meditating (slowly becoming something I can do)
  • Journaling (love this shit!)
  • Prepping my food & not prepping my food. I went from strictly tracking macros to eating whatever the hell I wanted and now I am onto a focused gut healing protocol and health plan.
  • I’ve gone through spurts of exercise followed by days of inactivity.
  • I’ve combined a wheat field, hauled hay bails and skinned a cow.
  • I went to University, decided not to go to University, changed jobs and gained two new ones.
  • Danced my heart out at a wedding, had coffee dates with family and friends and laughed until I cried.
  • Travelled through Central America and did all the extreme sports I could muster.
  • I’ve also watched a lot of Netflix hoping the answer for life will miraculously jump out at me during an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. (Note: The answer is not in a binge-watching spree.)

IMG_20170713_093543_732Me circa 2004

That list goes on. As I’m sure yours does too. Yours may even be much more exciting than mine but I can’t allow myself to compare my story to yours.

That’s the key – don’t compare. Those Instagram quotes that say “Be you, do you, for you” are freaking true! I’ve shared some on more than one occasion and if that is the reminder you need to follow your path then I’m preaching to the right choir.

It’s daunting to make a life changing decision let alone decide what you might eat for dinner but I’m here to encourage you and be that prime example of how life will support you when you fully trust yourself and lead with your heart. My family has supported me through all stages of my life by letting me figure things out on my own and being there when I needed them. Through the awkward teenage hippie rocker stage to living abroad until now when I needed a place to live while I move towards my next phase in life. Again, not what I planned but I honour where I’m at and am grateful for all the wonderful opportunities that have presented themselves to me.

  • Working with Idealistic Isabel and furthering my own personal growth and nutrition journey.
  • Surrounding myself with a wonderful community of people at the gym.
  • Spending time growing and cultivating a relationship with my significant other.
  • Owning my own business and working for myself.


New passions have sprung forth within me. Ones I never would of discovered unless I took that leap and moved myself in the direction I knew my soul would align with.

You may be at the precipice of a change, unsure of which direction to take or in need of something different in life.

Try taking that left turn. What’s the worst that could happen? (seriously write a list)

It has never lead me astray. Instead I’ve been able to show up in all my power right where I need to be. I won’t tell you that it’s always sunshine and daisies but if it feels right, then all the tough times, hard work and sleepless nights are worth it.

Love and light,


If you’re ready to dive deep into self-discovery, and take actions steps into creating your best life yet then our Dream Life Design program is for you. For more information or to secure your spot send us an email to info@idealisticisabel.com and we can get you started on your journey. Program begins May 9th!

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