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What Are You Creating with Your Words?

By Brittney Bergen

Abracadabra = “with my word, I create” in Aramaic.

You are literally casting spells on your life with every word you utter and every thought you think.

What are YOU creating with your words? What are YOU creating with your words? https://ctt.ac/ledT2+ via@idealistisabel


Do you catch yourself…?

  • Complaining to others
  • Using drama to connect
  • Worrying about future scenarios that might not even happen
  • Bickering at others in your mind
  • Obsessing over things you find irritating or annoying

No worries, sister or bro! I catch myself doing those things too.

And THAT is the key: I catch myself!

Have you been noticing when you’re thinking or speaking about things that you don’t want in your life anymore?

That’s the first step:

  1. Become Aware of Your Words!


Are you complaining to Suzanne about how your husband never cleans the house? Are you rehearsing a challenging conversation you might have to have with your boss?

Stop. Breathe. Notice.


      2. Ask Yourself, “Is This What I Want to Create?”

When you think about your dream future, does it involve a husband who never cleans? Does it involve connecting with your friends over the shit in your life? Does it involve spending your precious brain waves on thoughts of some future problem that might never occur?

Didn’t think so. Mine doesn’t either.

Notice what you’re directing your energy towards, and ask yourself if it’s what you want to create.

This moment, right now, is creating your next moment. Make it amazing. This moment, right now, is creating your next moment. Make it amazing. https://idealisticisabel.com/2018/05/10/what-are-you-creating-with-your-words/ via@idealistisabel


       3. Let It Go

It doesn’t have to be hard. And guess what, if you believe letting go of thoughts and feelings is hard, that’s the reality you’re creating. 😉

Once you’ve noticed you’re giving energy to a reality you don’t want to create, check in with your body (NOT your mind) and ask it if it’s willing to let go of this old way of being.

Does your body soften? Then it’s ready to let go. Breathe. Focus on your breath let go and notice any uncomfortable sensations dissipate as you let go of your limiting belief.

Does your body clench and tighten? Is there any discomfort in your body about the thought of letting go of your old way of being?

If so – congratulations! You just discovered what I call your “fucked up comfort zone.” 🙂 We’ve all got ‘em. If all you’ve ever experienced is:

  • Romantic relationships that keep you feeling insignificant
  • Family that leaves you high and dry
  • Work that breaks you to the bone

That’s what you’ll continue to attract until you decide you’re ready to let go of your fucked up comfort zone and create a NEW reality. Breathe into the part of your body that doesn’t want to let go. Smile at it, and imagine saying to it, “I can see you want to hold onto this way of being. Why?”

You might be surprised at the answer that comes to you. Open up to the first thing that enters your mind. Hear your greatest pains and deep suffering with compassion. Acknowledge them. Listen.

Then say, “Thank you for showing me _________________” (whatever it’s shown you. E.g. “Thank you for showing me that all I’ve ever known is relationships that leave me feeling insignificant.”) I can see you’ve been feeling this for a very long time. Are you ready to let go of this way of being (type of relationship, etc.)?”

Chances are, it will be ready to soften and let go. Breathe into that and celebrate your new awareness.


      4. Become the Conscious Creator of A New Reality


We have the opportunity to create heaven right here on earth. If that sounds crazy to you – no worries, you can choose whatever reality YOU want to create (THAT’s mine).

Once you’ve let go of your limiting belief, ask that same spot in your body where you once felt the uncomfortable sensation what reality it wants to create. It might say something like:

  • Romance that melts my heart with love and connection so deep it feels like coming home
  • Family relationships that love and hold me unconditionally at all times
  • Work that feels easy and effortless.

Accept and adopt this new truth as an affirmation created by your body, rather than your mind. Start using it and FEEL its truth in the cells of your being.

NOW your body is in alignment with your words. NOW you’ve become a conscious creator and a LEADER of a new way of being.

NOW we can look to you to model a life without suffering. A life of deep peace, crazy joy, nourishing love, and ecstatic bliss.

The Encore to Your Manifestation Magic Show

What are you creating with your words?

  1. Notice your thoughts and words
  2. When you catch yourself giving energy to something you don’t want, ask yourself, “Is this what I really want to be creating?”
  3. If not, let it go. Feel your body let it go, rather than obsessing over understanding with your mind.
  4. Consciously create and embody a new reality for yourself, your loved ones, and your followers

Cast AMAZING spells on your life. Create:

  • Deep connection with others propelling you into your passions and embracing new experiences
  • A life lived fully-taking-in the pleasure being offered to you in the present moment
  • Celebration and embracing of others in unconditional love and compassion
  • Noticing and directing your attention to the joy waiting for you in the simplicity of your breath
  • Heaven right here on Earth

That’s what I’m creating with my words. What will you create?

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