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The Greatest Gift to Give Our Children/Youth

By Amanda Onishenko

Through my nutrition and fitness journey, I’ve decided that one of the most important gifts I can give my three daughters is a love for their bodies and a healthy relationship with nutrition.  I focus on encouraging a healthy relationship with food, while avoiding any of the negative talk and ideas that can seep in.  As we know, talk of nutrition and body image can easily become harmful and have a lasting impact!

Do you ever find yourself saying things like:

  • Honey, do you think you should eat that?
  • Isn’t that enough for today?
  • The not so polite ‘Once on the lips, twice on the hips’?

I can still recall a specific comment made to me about food that had a very large impact on how I viewed myself for YEARS afterward! I was at a family gathering, one of my favourite times as a child! It was a great day, filled with laughter and running around carefree, up until dinner time. It was then that I filled my plate, like everyone around me, with all the food I loved and felt I wanted (including dessert I am sure!).

I still recall the sinking feeling I felt when a family member stopped to ask me, “Do you think you really need all of that?”  Not only was this humiliating, because it was around other family members, it was also the first time I felt like my weight and body wasn’t beautiful. 

I realize now that it was likely meant to be encouraging or helpful, but the approach was ill-received. We may not mean any harm when making suggestions about food, but these types of statements can have a lasting negative impact about how our children view their bodies.

Let’s start encouraging our children. Let’s educate them about nutrition in a positive way! Let’s start encouraging our children. Let's educate them about nutrition in a positive way! via @idealistisabel


What are some ways to raise awareness and increase healthy and balanced nutrition in your family?

  • Family Meal Prep days! Have everyone involved in prepping veggies and meal idea for your busy week, enjoying family time and nutrition planning at the same time!
  • Lead by example! Don’t be afraid to be the leader for our children and invest in YOU along the way, showing them by example how valuable good nutrition can be!  Taking the leap and signing up with Idealistic Isabel was a HUGE step for me in modelling self-love and self-care to my daughters. Are you ready to take that leap now?
  • Have quick and easy snack options available for grab and go! Check out Rana’s Road-Trippin’ Nutrition Blog for some FANTASTIC ideas.
  • Family Challenges! Maybe you have to empty a veggie tray during the week, or a container of spinach?  Make it fun and add those veggies in as much as you can!

Through a team or family effort, we can focus on the benefits of a balanced nutrition and celebrate a healthy body!

Remember, our bodies are like vehicles.  We need to fill these vehicles up with the right fuel or eventually we will see issues arise with our engine and overall quality.  Let’s teach our children to add proper fuel into their bodies. Let’s help them keep their vehicles running smoothly for all the adventurous round-trips they get to take around the sun!

Will you join me today?  Let’s give our children the greatest gift of all – a life-long healthy relationship with food and their bodies.

I am SO grateful for my experience as a client with Idealistic Isabel. I had such a powerful experience and transformation (inside and out) that the team noticed me and invited me to bring my skills to the table – like this blog. I’ve been trained in their unique, self-loving, habit-based approach to nutrition and I am ready to help busy moms, young athletes, or woman who haven’t taken time out for themselves along their own nutrition and self-growth path. Will you join me? 

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