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Is It Time To Leap Out of Your Comfort Zone This Summer?

By Amanda Onishenko


What do you SEE when you look at this photo? 


That is me, baby!!  And I can barely recognize her when I look at this photo and think of my personal journey. I am slowly working on stepping out of my comfort zone and allowing my vulnerabilities to be shown.  Because:

  • I am Beautiful, inside and out
  • I am Strong, Powerful and Meaningful
  • I am Confident and Love my Body
  • I am a Warrior

And if you’re reading this, so are you!! And I want to tell you that it is OKAY to say all of this and to believe in yourself each and every day.  We are all so worthy of the love and happiness this world has to offer!  Let’s get comfortable with our self love and exposing our vulnerabilities!

If you’ve been afraid to step out of your comfort zone, it’s TIME.

If you’ve been afraid to step out of your comfort zone, it’s TIME. via@idealistisabel
Have I always been open to new experiences and stepping out of that cushy comfy place?  Hell no!  But as a member of this amazing Idealistic Tribe, I am learning to step out of my little safe space and be okay with being a bit uncomfortable. This photo represents a woman who decided to say HELL YES to life and love, and the acceptance from myself along with the unconditional love from an incredible group of women.

 My arms are open wide to this new Amanda and I say BRING IT ON!!


Will you open your arms wide to embrace the new, even more powerful you?

Will you open your arms wide to embrace the new, even more powerful you? via@idealistisabel
If you’re ready, here are some other ideas on how we can step out of our comfort zone ladies!

  • Go out and get those topless boudoir photos done! (this sounds a bit frightening to some of us, but we aren’t getting any younger!)
  • Put your phone down and challenge yourself to make meaningful and connected conversation with your friends and family on a daily basis.
  • Maintain eye contact for longer than a fleeting moment to connect even deeper (so simple, but give it a try to see how much of an impact it can have!)
  • Sign up for a nutrition challenge with someone who you feel will benefit from your support, and another way to connect and invest in yourself! Join our B4YB Challenge today!

Are you ready to start your journey and step out of your comfy zone? Take ONE action step right now to creating your dream life, or your dream body.

You’re worth it, babe.

I want to be right there with you and help you find your dream bod while connecting deeper than ever this Summer!  If your time is now, check out our B4YB Summer Challenge. Can’t wait to see you in our Tribe.

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