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3 Quick and Easy Ways to Raise Your Vibration

(And Shift Your Reality)

By Brittney Bergen

How are you feeling right now, sister or bro?

A little low? Angry? Frustrated? Sad?

Or high vibe? Love? Joy? Bliss?

It’s all good. It’s all a part of life and being human.

There’s a time to allow yourself to feel low, and there’s a time to buck up and shift your vibe. Here’s why:

Your Vibration is Manifesting Your Reality


What’s going on outside of you is a reflection of your inner climate.

Look at something outside of you right now that you either love or don’t love. For example, if you LOVE your house, think back to the thoughts and feelings that you had that were responsible for bringing it into your physical reality.

Job sucks? Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings throughout the day. If you find yourself in blame, judgment, and complaining, you’re manifesting more things that “suck” moment by moment.

You are a Master Manifestor, my friend. It’s time to get making more of what you want and love so you can open others up to a new way of being. Take radical responsibility of your thoughts and feelings. They’re manifesting into matter before your eyes.

It Feels Good to Vibrate High


Think of some of the BEST feelings you’ve ever had:

  • Love
  • Joy
  • Bliss
  • Orgasm

(hehehehe). Guess what! You were vibrating HIGH during all those sensations.

Here are two of the lowest vibrational feelings to have:

  • Guilt
  • Shame

We’ve all been there. I’ve been there. Sometimes it’s necessary to go there, AND I know it doesn’t feel good.

You are worthy of, and designed to feel good all the time. Anytime you’re not, it’s a sign you either need to go deep and listen to the sensation you’ve been ignoring to come out the other side, or you need to shift your focus and perception. It’s time to let go of who you thought you were, and remember who you Really Are.

  • You are Divine
  • You are NOT your trauma
  • You are not the bad things that happened to you
  • You are, were, and always have been perfect whole and complete

You just may have forgotten along the way.

And if you’re having trouble remembering, it may be time to get hooked up with a therapist, healer, or coach who can bring you through your trauma and back into your truth (message me for a personal recommendation).

My advice? If your feeling state is emerging from a nagging message inside your body it’s time to find a safe space to listen to it. If your low vibration is the victim of a worrisome mind, you’re stuck in a false story and you can head right to raising your vibration.

Here are the 3 Quick and Easy Ways to Raise Your Vibe:

  1. Masturbate

What faster way to shift into a pleasure state!? What more POWERFUL way to SHOW the Universe that you want more pleasure in your life, than to sit down (or stand or lay or whatever tickles your freaky fancy), and pleasure yourself?

There’s a difference between asking the Universe for something, and showing it you want something. Actions speak louder than words.

  • Asking for more pleasure while still choosing to live a life of “Rise and Grind”?
  • Praying for a boyfriend or girlfriend but you don’t have any space in your schedule or social life to hang out?

It’s time to bring your actions into alignment with your asks. And masturbation is the most straight up way you can SHOW the Universe, “I deserve pleasure.”

If you were feeling a little low or lacking inspiration before, you’ll feel so much freaking better afterwards. When you hop on the phone, head back to your desk, or bump into a friend they’ll wonder where you got all your creativity and pzazz.

  1. Meditate

I’m talking with a guide this time. (See my YouTube video for 3 Steps to Change Your Life with Meditation).

Guided meditation is a way for you to practice RECEIVING. If you’re asking for MORE from life, you have to let go of any blocks that are preventing you from receiving what it is you want.

Life is meant to have a natural ebb and flow. Give and receive. Do and be.

You’ll notice the receiving often comes during the time you’re “being” – when you’re doing NOTHING but chilling the fuck out.

  • Ever been on vacation, and had a big sale close in your absence?
  • Do you head home to mom’s, allow yourself to shut down and check out from work, and receive all of your favourite home-cooking and the connected conversation you were looking for?

Being and receiving go hand in hand.

Can you take time to CTFO today? 🙂 Can you take time to CTFO today? :) https://ctt.ac/5iLn4+ via @idealistisabel

Meditation is one of the purest ways to practice being, and allowing a guide to facilitate your practice shows the Universe you’re willing to receive help.

For the ladies especially, I recommend downloading the app Insight Timer, and listening to the teacher Sarah Blondin. She will lull you into a remembrance of who you really are.

As you lay there, resting, your vibration will effortlessly increase. You’ll get up feeling renewed, centred, and aligned.

  1. Nutrition

Another easy way to increase your vibe is superfoods nutrition. Mixing up a green shake or smoothie is a fast and easy way to rise up when you’re feeling a little low.

Green is the colour of the Heart Chakra – the highest chakra (energy centre) of the physical chakras. This chakra is responsible for love and connection. You can use a green shake to open up your heart, raise your energy, and increase your vitality in as little as two minutes.

The heart chakra also controls the heart (organ) and the liver. Green superfoods are great ways to give your liver a little more love and support through a mini daily cleanse.

Here’s the shake I’d recommend to reap all these high-vibe rewards. Use the code “realizeyourself” to save 50 bucks off of an order of 75 USD or more. (Message me privately if you’d love to receive more personal recommendations for you and your already excellent nutrition system.)

That’s all for now, my friends!

  • Masturbate
  • Meditate
  • and skip Masticating (creepy word for “chewing”) with a green drank

You’ll feel a LOT better and be able to serve the world with vibrancy. Here’s to living a high vibe life!



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