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Radical Self-Care

By Brittney Bergen

There are times in our lives that require self-love deeper than a hot bath, more potent than a pedicure, and more wicked than a walk on a beach. There are times in our lives that require RADICAL self-care.

I’m talking:

  • quitting your day job
  • booking a sabbatical
  • investing in a WILDLY expensive personal growth experience

I’m talking deep-shit healing kind of self-care. Not the surface stuff.

Are you in a place where you need RADICAL, self-care, dear one? Are you in a place where you need RADICAL, self-care, dear one? https://ctt.ac/LNoxK+ via@idealistisabel

  • Is your body crying out in pain, and you haven’t had the time to tap out, tune in, and listen?
  • Are the bills piling up as the bliss in your life is at an all-time low? Wondering what you’re even working for?
  • Do you dread getting out of bed, and going into work every. damn. day?

I’m here for you. I love you. I see you.

  • I see how hard you’re working
  • I see how deeply you care
  • I see how desperately you’re longing for something different

And you’re right here, right now, reading this for a reason.

You dove into this blog because you’re ready for something divinely different!

You’re ready for:

  • A beautiful body of health
  • Money coming to you from EVERYWHERE
  • Living your divine life’s purpose through passion-driven work

You’re ready for more.

So will you take the leap? Will you…?

  • Quit the job
  • Book the sabbatical
  • Invest in your expansion

I know it takes courage. I know it takes trust. And because it takes both of those things, that’s how I know you’re about to rapidly expand if you do it.


You may be thinking, “Easy for you to say, Brittney. You’ve got it all together. You don’t know what I’m going through.”

Maybe I don’t. Or maybe I do.

  • I’ve been 25 lbs overweight
  • I left a teaching career when I was 25 because I was exhausted, unhappy, and because I was putting myself second after my students
  • I’ve said yes to SO MANY personal growth opportunities where I “didn’t have the money.”

I’ve been there.


I had the courage to make the change. And if you’re reading this, so do you. Will you take the leap? What’s stopping you?


Money isn’t everything. Even your happiness isn’t everything.

Fulfilling your Life’s Purpose is.

It’s the only thing that’s going to fill the dull ache inside your heart (because that dull ache is there to tell you you’re out of alignment).

And I’m here to tell you you don’t need to know what your life’s purpose looks like right now. You don’t need to know the entire road map (that would rob life of its magic and mystery). All you need to know is, “What’s that next inch?” Take it.

You need to take the next inch and you need to take it now. You need to take the next inch and you need to take it now. https://ctt.ac/85iHa+ via@idealistisabel

The time is now. The world is waiting. Heaven on Earth is at our fingertips.

Will you fulfill your Divine Life’s Purpose?

If you’re ready to align with your soul’s mission, Brittney is inviting 8 creative minds to join her in a one-day workshop. There are a few spots available. Click here to learn more about transcending your current reality, holding a high-vibrational embodiment, and experiencing more bliss, joy, love, and connection in your life.

Professional Photo Credit: Emma Love Photography

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