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Your Greatest Excitement

By Brittney Bergen

What’s your highest excitement?  What’s your highest excitement? https://ctt.ac/f_7NG+ via@idealistisabel

This is the question I’ve been using to dictate ERRYTHANG I do.

In this moment, what’s my highest excitement? That’s why I’m…

  • Creating this blog
  • Savouring a cup of coffee
  • Here, connecting with YOU divine brother or siSTAR right now

Because that’s what felt the BEST for me in this moment. Will you choose to do what FEELS SO DAMN GOOD for you in every moment today?

My Post

Chances are you landed on this blog because, for some reason, it piqued your curiosity. This blog is your highest excitement right now. (And for that, I am eternally grateful and so damn proud of you. You are a seeker. You are choosing expansion and ascension.)

And as soon as you leave this page, you have a choice. You can…

  • Go back to mechanical, force energy OR
  • Surrender to the flow

To the magic and the metaphysics. To synchronicity and space. To ease and grace.

The days of struggle and strife are over my friends. The era of bliss and ease and grace is upon us. Will you choose it?

Will you choose your highest excitement?

Where is it telling you to go now? Follow it for the rest of today, and then email me at the end of it all, letting me what magical synchronicities unfolded for you.

I love you, my friend.

To your ascension, activation, and integration,


Idealistic Isabel Creator

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