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Develop Daily Practices

By Brittney Bergen

Your daily practices make or break you.

“Your days are your life in miniature.” – Robin Sharma

Do you…?

  • Worry about how much money’s in the bank
  • Complain to your best friends over lunch about the suffering you’re enduring

That’s okay. I’ve been there too. And now I’m choosing new patterns, links and associations. You can too.

New habits. New us. New habits. New us. via@idealistisabel

Here are some of my FAVOURITE almost-daily practices (Come on, we’re all human after all):

  • Breathwork – If you’re new to breathwork, start seeing if you can get your belly to rise and fall with your breath. More advanced? Learn yoga pranayama and use various practices throughout your day.


Alternate nostril breathing to calm your body and mind, breath of fire to create energy or get rid of anxious feelings.

  • Mantras and Mirror Work – This, like ANY of these practices when they’re new to you, will probably feel uncomfortable. (I don’t know a SINGLE person who didn’t feel that way at first. You’ll get over it)
    Try starting with this one: look yourself in the eye in the mirror every morning and night and say, “I love you, First Name.”
    You tell everyone else you love how special they are to you. Why not give some love back to yourself?
    Take a deep breath before and after. Speak to yourself at 70% speed. (Mark England, Founder of Procabulary, taught me this technique).
    You’ll feel calmer, instead of weird when you focus on breath and speaking slowly. Promise.Ready to cast advanced spells over your life? Book a strategy session for Self-Realization coaching with me.
  • Yoga ­– Get out of the gym and onto the mat. Focus on your breath. Learn how to be present. If you ask me as a new yoga teacher, that’s what I’m REALLY doing: teaching yogis how to be present.

Add daily yoga to your regime and master your life.

Your power is held in the present. Get back here, now. Your power is held in the present. Get back here, now. via@idealistisabel

That’s a solid start. Give those three a try for 21 days, and tag us (@idealisticisabel), letting us know how you’re feeling.

SO much love, success, and abundance,

Brittney Bergen

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