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I Feel Strong in New Ways

By Brittney Bergen

I feel strong in new ways. I feel strong in new ways. via@idealistisabel

I used to feel strong hoisting a heavy barbell over my head. Feeling my hips propel it off the ground and into perfect position overhead.

I still feel excited when I think about that.

I’ve chosen new ways to experience my strength:

  • Pushing my niece up a grassy hill in her stroller
  • Keeping my sister’s giant Chow Chow under control while he pulls on a walk
  • Remaining focused on my breath and my cues during a yoga pose, rather than allowing my mind to wander to worry or stress
  • Choosing a green drink instead of a second cup of coffee to give my body the energy and nourishment it REALLY needs

This is the new me. (#newyearnewme – it’s my 30th birthday today, you know.)

Do you love this new me?

I’ve chosen a new path for myself. And what I want to share from this space – from this new place is this: It doesn’t matter how you choose to make yourself into a stronger you.

My Post4

It only matters that you choose growth. Every. Damn. Day.

How will you choose strength today?

  • Will you load the barbell up heavier than ever before under the watchful and proud eye of your CrossFit coach?
  • Will you choose a simpler version of a challenging pose at yoga, reigning in your ego that says “Go big or go home,” when your body asks you to rest

Will you choose the best version of yourself in every present moment?

Because I think that’s the biggest example of strength you can showcase.

  • Trophies? I’ve won ’em.
  • PRs? Those are cool.

To me, the biggest showcases of strength are choosing:

  • Positivity over morbidity when your ego mind wants to spiral into suffering
  • Forgiveness over judgment when you want to hold someone else in the wrong
  • Speaking your truth rather than staying quiet when its easier to hide behind someone with a flashy persona

It’s time to showcase your truest expression of strength. I look forward to seeing what that looks like.

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