Why I’m Kickstarting 2019 with a Cleanse

By Brittney Bergen

I wrote a blog two years ago called, “The Best Way to Kickstart Your Diet with a Cleanse.” In that blog, I surprised the reader by suggesting the opposite. I said you didn’t need to cleanse at all.

This year, I’m going for it. What’s changed? I’ve continued my nutrition journey. I’ve learned even more about eating to optimize health and performance. I’ve kept researching.

I’ve also been trekkin’ around North America, spending time with leading health and nutrition experts.

Here I am with Paul Chek and the Barbell Shrugged crew (L to R: Anders Varner, Doug Larsen, Paul Chek, me (Brittney Bergen), and Mike Bledsoe).

Paul is founder of the C.H.E.K. Institute. He’s worked with Olympic athletes. He’s also one of the leading promoters of organic farming and soil science in North America.

Barbell Shrugged has been one of the top fitness podcasts for over the past 6 years. The members of the crew are also proponents of eating organic.

This is me with Ronnie Landis. He’s an innovator in the holistic health movement.

Ronnie hosts the podcast, “The Holistic Human Optimization Show” and is also a supporter of organic and biodynamic farming.

I’ve learned, through my research and my travels:

  • Our soils are depleted. Even if we’re eating a ton of vegetables, we’re not getting the vitamins and minerals we need.
  • Our food is making us sick. All kinds of illnesses are being linked back to the chemicals used in food growth and production.

When I learned these two things, I began to take the quality of the food I was putting in my mouth even more seriously.

I took a break from macros. I started letting my body guide my choices.

I found myself choosing humanely raised meat. I would seek out meat that was fed organic feed. I was pulled more and more to superfoods.

And eventually – you guessed it – I did a cleanse.

I did a few cleanses, actually. And I felt WAY BETTER for it:

  • The skin and tissues of my body lifted and tightened, making my face and body feel and look even younger.
  • My energy levels climbed. I went back to two-a-day workouts for the first time in over a year. I felt so good.
  • I became more productive than ever in my life. I hammered out project after project in ease and flow. My mind felt sharper.
  • My mid-section shrunk. The most common thing I hear from the women and men I hop on calls with is, “The part I most want to change is my mid-section.” I feel you. Whether I’m working with a hardcore athlete or a stay-at-home parent, almost everyone complains about their bloated belly. I noticed a HUGE difference within two days of my cleanse.

Here are photos from 11 days of a modified cleanse.


There were TONS of other benefits. The best one, though? My entire lifestyle shifted. I began eating in a way that was more aligned with my beliefs and values:

  • My diet became plant-based. I had been thinking about becoming vegan for years. Although I kept in some meat, I cut way back. It became easy, convenient, and desirable for me nourish myself with energy/prana-dense foods. I felt amazing.
  • My eco-footprint shrunk. Less grocery store trips. Less meat that needs to be raised and transported and slaughtered and packaged and shipped and sold to me. Less transporting vegetables in refrigerated trucks from places where the growing season is longer.

Less is more when it comes to the well-being of our entire planet, and all sentient beings. Less is more when it comes to the well-being of our entire planet, and all sentient beings.  via @idealistisabel https://ctt.ec/rpLJf+

  • My grocery bill cut in half. Talk about less is more. Who doesn’t LOVE feeling more nourished for less? I saved about $100/week on groceries when I made the switch to a plant-based, seasonal cleanse lifestyle.

If you want the benefits yourself, if you’re ready to push “reset” on your body, and/or if you believe it’s time to provide yourself with the best quality nourishment on the planet, the first step is to watch this four-minute video.

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 6.26.12 PM

If you’re in, email brittney@idealisticisabel.com with the subject, “Hell Yes, 40-Day Transformation!”

When you decide to make this change, I’ll add you to a New Year New You support group. I’ll hook you up with foundational structures to bolster your success.

This is meant to be a lifestyle change. You’ll be offered extended support in shifting to a new and truer way of being. This isn’t a quick fix, my friend. The 40-Day is a nice reboot though.

So that’s why I’m starting my year with a cleanse. Because I know that:

  • No matter how healthy I eat, my body deserves faster and deeper nourishment
  • It’s time to detox. It’s time to pull harmful chemicals from my cells so my body can operate in ease and harmony.

Will you join me? Will you join me? https://ctt.ec/zZ9Q9+ via @idealistisabel

Watch this video and then email me personally at brittney@idealisticisabel.com with the subject, “Hell Yes, 40-Day Transformation”, and we’ll take it from there. ❤

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  1. So happy for you Brit. You really listen and understand yourself. Good for you

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