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Please, Keep the Fun in Your Fitness

In high school I was a jock. Competitive sports kept me jacked and tanning beds – which were still legal for youth to use – kept me tanned. #jackedandtanned

In my early twenties, I played rec sports to stay fit. By the time I got to my mid-twenties, I’d calculated that the calories burnt in rec sports rarely exceeds the calories from beers drank.

After that, I headed in a new direction and focussed on the way I looked. I trained for a bikini competition and got to imagine what it feels like to be a model for a week.

Barbell sports found me just after that. CrossFit, powerlifting, and Olympic Weightlifting took up a huge chunk of my waking hours. I visualized snatch and clean and jerk as the last thing in my head before I went to bed, and the first thing on my mind in the morning.

Now, you can find me in the gym picking up a kettlebell or teaching lifters how to get reacquainted with the more subtle movements of their bodies. Sometimes, you’ll find me in a dance class. The rest of the time? You can find me on my yoga mat.

Why did my style change over time? A number of reasons: what was available, what was new, and what felt effortless.

Believe me, this snatch felt effortless.

As cheesy as it sounds, love picked that barbell up.

So, I have a question for you, My Friend. Is it time to bring the fun back into your fitness? If your passion’s dwindled, you have permission to make a change.

If it’s time, jot down three activities that would bring you to life. It could be something you loved practicing when you were a kid. Something new that challenges you. It could be one of mine: yoga, adult dance classes, or barbell sports.

If mine are speaking to you, and you have no clue what it would be like to join that activity, here’s how I suggest you make the decision. What do you want to remember about yourself? Choose the sport that corresponds to your soul’s required medicine mantra at this time.

  • I Am Strong – Powerlifting
  • I Am Powerful – Olympic Weightlifting
  • I Am One with the Flow of Life – Yoga
  • I Am Playful – Dance

Whatever you choose, Dear One, please keep the fun in your fitness. Because the most beautiful curve on your body, truly is your smile.


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Photo Credit: Kory Mackinnon and Emma Love

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