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2 Sides to Self-Love

By Brittney Bergen

There are two sides to the self-love coin: self-acceptance, and self-growth.

Which have you mastered, Dear One?

Most of us start with self-growth. We learn from a young age that the goal is to improve our reading. To perform better in music class. To run faster in Phys Ed.

The world around our young bodies and minds seeps within. We rapidly remember we came here to evolve. To go beyond the ones who laid the foundation for us: our ancestors. To do more. Go further. Travel vaster distances.

Have you focussed on the self-growth game for awhile?

Have you been…?

  • Busting your ass in the gym for the next personal record
  • Weighing yourself on a fat loss journey
  • Tracking your macros to optimize your performance
You know the self-growth game

You know self-growth like you know your Aunt Martha. (Real well.)

It’s time to get to know the flip side of the self-love coin.

Meet self-acceptance.

Ready to…?

  • Stretch and self-massage your way to recovery heaven
  • Trash your scale and embrace your current body weight
  • “Count your orgasms, not your calories”

Before I started accepting myself:

  • Stretching and massages were something I only did because they helped me lift more weight. #achievementaddict
  • Weighing myself and my food was the method I used to make sure I didn’t get fat
  • Masturbation was something I didn’t take time for because I was too busy “being productive” building a business

As I took time to practice self-care and self-love without any attachment to improving myself, everything changed. I worked from a place of deep soul fulfillment. I started doing things for the feeling they gave me rather than the results I got.

To Amp Up your Self-Acceptance:

  1. Get Comfortable In Front of a Mirror
    • Go over to a mirror and say to yourself, “I love you, First Name”
    • Do that every day for ten days and start falling back in love with you
  2. Massage Yourself
    • Rub your calves or your head or your feet every day for even a few minutes
    • The intention is to feel and be present with yourself,¬†not to “fix” yourself
It’s time to accept yourself, Sweet One

Experiencing more self-acceptance may be as simple as setting a new intention before performing an old practice:

  • Already take hot baths? Set an intention to nourish yourself. Wash your body with presence rather than a wandering mind.
  • Regular gym rat? Say positive affirmations to yourself during your workout. Set the intention to honour your body before you start.

Look at yourself through the same lens you use to see loved ones.

  • You accept your partner
  • You adore your mom

The people you love have imperfections. You still think they’re wonderful.

Take a few moments after closing this blog, and love up on yourself. Just as you are.

Still struggling with the self-love game? I gotchu. Sign up for Body Freedom Consulting. I’ll guide you back into love with yourself.

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Photo Credit: Meghan Holme and Mikail Duran


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