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The Power of the Swolemate

By Brittney Bergen

The power of the swolemate is having someone to:

1. Remind You How Strong You Are
– on the days you’ve forgotten. The days you feel like a bag of dicks (my boyfriend’s phrase, not mine). Whether you’re physically or emotionally wiped, your swolemate helps you remember your true strength.

2. Share a Meal-Prepped Meal With
Too busy to prep your own food? Your swolemate loves you enough to share. Want someone else to be weird with you, eating out of Tupperware at the staff Christmas party? Your swolemate’s got you.

3. Be a Foodie With You
Speaking of food, I don’t know a single soul who lifts who doesn’t love eating just as much. Go on a trip together; hit up the sweet spots. “I workout so I can eat.” You may’ve heard this before. It was said by a swolemate-type.

He lifts and he cooks. I think I’ll keep him.

4. Lavish You With Rest and Recovery
Your Lifting Lover will fill a tub with hot water and Epsom salts for you. He or she will have a post-workout smoothie ready for you when you get home from the gym. Traps need some love? Your house already contains copious amounts of coconut oil, and your partner’s grip strength is divine.

5. Grab a Coffee With
I also don’t know a single person who lifts who doesn’t enjoy a good cup of coffee. Two types of people frequent Hipster Coffee Shops: hipsters, and athletes. You’ll be able to tell who’s who because the lifters can’t contain their quads in skinny jeans.

6. Become Better With You
Whether you want to build bigger muscles, grow an oasis of a bank account, or launch a business, your swolemate knows what it takes to become better. The gym, I’m certain, is one of the finest spots in the world to learn just how much more you can do than what you originally imagined was possible.

7. Reflect Back How Awesome You Are
Your swolemate is the reflection of your own awesomeness. Stop for a second and imagine everything you LOVE about him or her. Guess what? It’s true of you too. He or she wouldn’t be in your life if it wasn’t.

Take a second and let that one sink in.

The swolemate makes the perfect life partnerThe swolemate makes the perfect life partner.

Share this blog with your swolemate. Spread the love.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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