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Chapter Four: Love Your Body

“Health is the crown on the well-person’s head that only the sick person can see.” – Proverb

Without the health of our bodies, we have nothing.

I couldn’t write a personal growth book without dedicating at least one chapter to our bodies.

This week we’re going to fall deeper in love with ourselves and our bodies in three ways:

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 5.53.25 AM
This is a sample chapter from my upcoming eBook. You can download your editable PDF here.
  1. Practicing Positive Self-Talk
  2. Improving our Movement
  3. Upgrading our Nutrition


  1. Put Your Mirror to Work.

And I don’t mean to put on your lipstick or curl up the corners of your mustache.

Sure, you can do those things. I’m asking you to go deeper.

Head to your mirror right now and look yourself in the eye.

Take a deep breath.

Say out loud, “I love you, ______.” (Your first name.)

Say it again. And again.

Three times, tell yourself you love yourself.

Write down in your journal what comes up for you.


ADVANCED: Add these statements to your Mirror Work Practice:

  1. “I accept you, unconditionally, right now.”
  2. “You are perfect, whole and complete, just as you are.”

SUPER Advanced: Try talking to yourself in the mirror like you’d talk to a loved one. Give yourself a pep talk. Look into your eyes and see your soul. What does your soul need to hear today? Speak those soothing words to yourself.

(This is no joke. Do it, and see what comes up for you. You love your friends and family this way. Can you speak words of affirmation and love to yourself now?)

  1. Improve Your Movement Practice

Been meaning to sign up at a gym and haven’t yet? Do it right now.

Already hitting the gym and ready to learn how to work-in instead of working out? Try an online Qigong practice, or check out a restorative yoga class.

Take one step this week towards improving your physical health through movement. Maybe it’s adding a daily walk into your life.

The point of this course is not to take huge steps. It’s to set huge goals and to achieve them in tiny paces. Take one step right now.

  1. Upgrade Your Nutrition

Perhaps you go to your cupboards right now and toss out all the junk food. Maybe you sign up for a group juice cleanse. Or are you ready to sign up for my nutrition coaching program or my tribe? (Both offer support for improving your food choices.)

Jot down one action step you want to take to improve your nutrition this week.

  1. Integrate

Actually apply everything you said you’d do this week. Hit the gym. Drink more water.

Whatever it is, make it happen.

I believe in you.


This is a chapter from my up and coming eBook, “Design Your Dream Life.”

Brittney Bergen_Dream Life Cover
To learn more, and to preorder your copy, click here.


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