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Plan Your Life Around Meal Prep and Workouts

By Brittney Bergen

I always do better at EVERYTHING when I do this one thing: plan my life around meal prep and workouts.

When I do that:

  • I’m more energized
  • I feel prepared and confident

When I don’t:

  • I feel scattered and rushed to eat
  • I skip the gym or yoga classes

I encourage you, just for one week, to try this:

  • Schedule a MAJOR meal prep day on Saturday or Sunday. You’ll feel ready to tackle your week in ease and grace.
  • Schedule a SMALL meal prep day on Wednesday or Thursday. This’ll save you from stopping at Timmies or your favourite fast food fix when you’re tired out from the week.
  • Put ALL of your workouts into your day planner. If you need to adjust because you’re beat, STILL MOVE. Simply choose a gentler option. (Be open minded, and try this Qigong routine. I’ve been LOVIN’ Qigong as my latest and greatest addition to my movement practice).

As a SPECIAL gift to you, I’m sharing my Idealistic Isabel Planner. Print it off on Saturday or Sunday. Schedule your life around your workouts and two meal prep sessions, and let me know how easy peasy lemon squeezy the week feels.

Photo Credit: Emma Love Photography and Ella Olsson

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