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I am Constantly Relearning How to Eat

By Brittney Bergen

“But you just taught us how to eat this way. You can’t be eating a new way already.” – My Mom

My family, and you perhaps, just learned how to track macros. Then, I embarked on my superfoods vegan journey .

This should come as no surprise. If you know me, you know two-and-a-half years ago a psychic found me on Miami beach. She told me, “You’re on the wrong path.” I questioned everything about my lifestyle: relationships, career path, and yes – even the food I ate.

This may sound like hippie-dippy nonsense: “A psychic changed your mind about what you should eat?”

Enjoying a homemade bowl of chilli vegetable soup with a side salad.

Not exactly. I felt called to the vegan lifestyle for awhile. When she told me I was on the wrong path, it gave me an opportunity to make changes I knew deep down were necessary.

I didn’t know how to eat vegan. Gradually, over the past two-and-a-half years, I’ve eased my way into a vegan-ish lifestyle. I still don’t eat entirely vegan.

I joke about being an “opportunitarian”: I eat whatever delicious thing’s available. I also describe myself as an “intuitarian”: I eat intuitively. I let my body’s innate wisdom guide me to the perfect meal in every present moment.

I’m very close to vegetarian. Still, if my boyfriend makes me dinner or I’m at a potluck where there are glorious looking humanely raised ribs, you bet I’ma eat them.

I’ve steered further and further from processed foods and from meat. I eat 95% organic.

Based on my journey and my experience in the industry, my questions for you are:

  1. Is it time to change the way you eat?
  2. Do you feel called to a new lifestyle?
  3. What’s the next step you can take towards your new lifestyle?

You don’t have to keep eating the same way you did two years ago. You’re allowed to change.

You’re allowed to evolve.

You can eat in a way that’s unique to others, and to your past self. And you can do that, starting today.

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