Idealistic Isabel is the online wellness centre where women and men can go to grow in every aspect of their lives.  From nutrition and fitness to personal development, we’re here for you.

For all inquiries, please email Brittney or Jess at idealisticisabelinfo@gmail.com.

Our coaches believe in coupling idealism with action – that is, that we can positively transform ourselves and our world by first envisioning our ideals and then taking action to realize them.

Our mission statement: Idealistic Isabel exists to liberate women and men to discover and create their true potential: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and to challenge society’s limiting beliefs.

Idealistic Isabel

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Brittney Bergen: CEO, Creator, Writer, and Coach


Brittney is the creator of, and head nutrition and fitness coach at Idealistic Isabel. She was a high school teacher before getting into the field of fitness. She started doing CrossFit four years ago, has podiumed at two powerlifting nationals, and now competes as national level Olympic weightlifter. She’s addicted to learning and is constantly hiring coaches and attending workshops. The only thing she loves more than learning is sharing what she’s gained with others. Brittney is fired up about helping others get to know their True Selves.

Best lifts:

  • Squat: 142.5 kg/314 lbs
  • Bench: 82.5 kg/182 lbs
  • Deadlift: 160 kg/353 lbs
  • Snatch: 71 kg/157 lbs
  • Clean and Jerk: 85 kg/187 lbs

Nutrition Coaches:

FullSizeRender (25)

Jessica Grant is a registered massage therapist and student at the University of Saskatchewan studying nutrition and pre-nursing.  She’s been active all of her life and fell in love with lifting in 2013, but had her own struggle with food and body image, gaining over 40 lbs and then entering a 9-year cycle of yo-yo dieting.

In early 2016, Jessica starting working with Idealistic Isabel as a client and over the past year, her personal growth has skyrocketed. “I’m so proud of my progress in mind, body, and spirit.”
Jessica continually strives to grow, is passionate about nutrition, and is thrilled to help others in their journey. She can be found most days at the PAC, lifting on the platform or at home spending time with her two dogs and significant other.

Blogging Team:

adrienne headshot

Adrienne Percy is a badass mama sharing the healing potential of movement and real food.

When she’s not swinging kettlebells, she *loves* sharing the skills needed to prepare nutrient-dense, sacred, traditional and healing foods in classes and her signature teacher training program. She brings modern relevance to ancestral culinary wisdom like lacto-fermentation, sourdough, bone broths, traditional fats and good-for-you homemade sodas.


Michelle Buglas is a mental health professional, university instructor, mother, and an advocate for living a healthy life.  She lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with her husband and up to six millennials – depending on the day.


Melissa Charlene loves cocktails, hotels, hosting, and filling her home with coziness. She is a primary teacher and lives in Saskatoon, Canada with her husband (where you’re invited to their next theme party. Bring champagne.)

You can follow her @melissacharlene2 on Instagram, and watch for her lifestyle and travel notes coming soon at www.glamorousretrospectblog.wordpress.com.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 7.00.54 PM

Lou-anne Stefankiw is a public speaker, CrossFit coach, strongwoman athlete, and business owner living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  She’s all about helping women and men Ignite the Fire Within.

You can find her on Instagram @loujo07 and “like” her professional Facebook page, “Lou-anne Stefankiw.”  Her website is louannestefankiw.com.


Sharleen Froats owns and operates Evolution Athletics in Moose Jaw SK  which sounds like a gym but is actually a transformation portal for Body, Mind and Spirit.  She is a wife to her best buddy and a loving mom to two peaceful souls and a rambunctious furry one. On any given day you can find her with a barbell in her hands or on a yoga mat, dreaming up ways to serve the world.


Karen Maxwell is the co-owner and president of Renfrew Home Hardware Building Centre in the heart of the Ottawa Valley.  She powerlifts competitively and to date has two international competitions under her belt.   She also loves to cook, eat, read, travel and spend time with her two gorgeous daughters and her husband Steve.



Rana Wright is a gypsy and homebody all rolled into one: she loves coming home as much as she loves travelling! She is a coach at Crossfit Brio.  You can often find Rana crushing a WOD to reenergize. or hitting her yoga mat to reconnect. She loves curling up on the couch with a good book, or watching a movie with her husband and son.  She is passionate about life and connecting with others on a deeper more spiritual basis. You can count on Rana for a good laugh, cry, or hug!

FullSizeRender (33)

Amanda Ruller is an Exercise Physiologist with her own strength and conditioning business. She plays football for Team Canada, as well as in the Legends Football League for the Atlanta Steam. Amanda has recently started competing in Olympic lifting and is the Saskatchewan Riders Game Day Host broadcaster.

Jaime Benko

For all inquiries, please email Brittney or Jess at idealisticisabelinfo@gmail.com.

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