B4YB Summer Challenge

It’s time to ramp up your summer by doing what’s Best For Your Body. (B4YB instead of BYOB, am I right??)

Don’t worry! We’re here to show you you can have the beer, AND have the abs. Six pack and six pack. (OK, maybe you can’t drink the WHOLE six pack, but you CAN have your beer and have your abs too).

And that’s what this challenge is all about! Allowing you, and giving you the tools and structure you need, to enjoy summer FULLY without falling off the rails!

We’re ready, willing, and able to give YOU the support you need to realize your wildest dreams.

Are you ready, willing, and able to take a chance on yourself this summer?  Are you ready, willing, and able to take a chance on yourself this summer? https://ctt.ec/P8j6e+



  • You and a partner

Grab someone you want to get active with and push each other to make the best decisions around health and fitness all summer long!

(You already know who it is! That person who came to mind as soon as you saw “you and a partner.” Reach out to them NOW! 🙂 )


Earn points with your partner through:

  • Exercise (That’s right, earn bonus points and possibly a free month of nutrition coaching by logging the workouts you’re ALREADY doing!)
  • Stretching (We could all use a little more FLEXY in our lives)
  • Nailing the nutrition goals you and your assigned coach set up together (Macros, portion sizing – whatever’s best for YOUR body. Not your cousin Lionell’s body.)
  • Taking time out for YOU (YES! This just may be the first time in your life where you earn a gold star for taking a nap or having a hot bath)
  • Trying new things! (Summer’s about FUN, afterall.)

And more!


This 8-Week Challenge kicks off Monday July 16th

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You and your partner could win:

  • 1 Month of FREE Nutrition Coaching, taking you through the first 4 of 14 Habits we’re known in the industry for guiding clients through (things like how to meal prep, how much veggies and fibre you should really be eating, etc.)
  • Idealistic Isabel Hoodie, T-Shirt or Tank! (What fit body couldn’t use more SWAG?)

What you get:

  • A spreadsheet to keep you accountable to your team, tribe, and most importantly – YOURSELF, earning points for doin’ your body good this summer
  • Access to our exclusive supportive Idealistic Tribe Facebook group – a place where we share recipes, ask for and offer support (like a cocoon of love) that we willingly wrap around each other, and more!
  • Coach support through Facebook Messenger. Receive audios, the funniest of GIFs, and all the love we can possibly muster to propel you in the direction of your biggest dreams and goals (including dat dream bod of yours, babe!)

Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Then click the button below to SIGN UP NOW!


Your Best Self is calling. Don’t wait.


The Idealistic Isabel Team

Jess, Rana, Amanda, and Brittney