Body Freedom Consulting

What would freedom FEEL like in your body?

mohamed-nohassi-485412-unsplashWould you…?

Remember how to listen to it

Respond to its innate wisdom

Receive physical results

You bet you would!


How would you move if you were FULL to the brim with abundant energy? Would you…?

Play your way to a rockin’ body of health

Practice skills that inspire your spirit

Perform movements beyond your wildest dreams

You’ve “got the moves like Jagger.” It’s time you remember that.

Idealistic Isabel_General FB Banner3Welcome to Body Freedom Consulting. Meet your guide.

Brittney Bergen is a:

  • Past international level powerlifter with a 352 lb deadlift
  • Present successful soul-preneur with a sexy body to boot


Brittney walked the path herself and her passion is guiding others along theirs.

She’s a self-love and healing expert. She’s helped countless people remember their connection to their souls, to their inner wisdom, and to their bodies.

She’ll guide you back to that place. Once you’re there, every decision you make about food and exercise will come from a place of love.

You are here to be sexy, AND to be nourished. Those things go hand in hand.

Curious about embarking on the journey together? The fact that you’re reading these words means it’s right for you.




“I started working with Brittney and Idealistic Isabel in January 2018 when I was struggling to drop into the weight class I needed to be in for the 2018 National Powerlifting Championships. I only had about 7 weeks to make my weight and Brittney had my back from the moment I started working with her! I made my weight (and had one of my best meets ever!), and along the way I learned so much about nutrition, about balancing nutrients and about how to eat to maximize athletic performance.

Brittney also has a gift for getting at the mental game of lifting, and I turned into a mentally stronger lifter – something I didn’t see coming.  In hindsight though, one of the best benefits of working with Brittney was that she had me to commit to 4 goals outside of my weight goal as soon as I started working with her. I’ll admit that I didn’t see the point of this at first, but doing this made me focus on other areas of my life and not get too narrowly focused on the weight loss.  As the weeks passed, and we had our weekly progress calls, those goals started to become more real and seem more possible.

My first goal was to take a trip with my family, and this summer we travelled France and Italy, two places I’ve been wanting to see for as long as I can remember. I know for a fact I would not have had that trip of a lifetime if I hadn’t met Brittney and started working with her.  Do yourself a favour and sign up with Brittney to help you achieve your goals – weight loss and otherwise.  I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

– Sandy B-M


“I had the pleasure of working with Brittney for 18 months, during which time I achieved my weight loss goals while gaining strength in the gym… Six months into our coach-client relationship I was levelled by a serious infection that triggered an auto-immune disease. Undaunted, Brittney took the opportunity to learn and support me as I navigated my way back to optimal health. I can honestly say I would not be where I am today – happy, healthy, crushing life goals — without her incredible support and friendship.”

– Karen M

What’s Included:
  1. Proven Goal-Setting Strategies – Brittney will teach you the techniques she used to build a successful fitness business, to squat over 300 lbs, and to travel the world. You’ll be trained in using her Daily Difference Maker™. You’ll receive the Idealistic Isabel Weekly Planner and you’ll heal your relationship with time. She’ll guide you to set your Year’s Dream Four™ and your Life’s Dream Four™ – the four things that, if they happened, would make your life epic AF.
  2. Your Last Nutrition Program – Brittney’s nutrition eBook including the 14-week program that’s gotten hundreds of people lasting results. You can choose to utilize this as your anchor for your work together, or use Brittney’s intuitive coaching calls to support you in developing the structure that feels best to you.
  • Intuitive Coaching Calls – Every two weeks, you’ll hop on the phone to chat with Brittney about your progress, and your limitations. She’ll use her intuition, combined with over a decade of fitness and nutrition knowledge to support you in your return back home to yourself.
    • Call Topics: Nutrition, Training, Lifestyle, Year’s Dream Four™
  • Facebook Tribe – This is a fantastic online community where you can ask questions anytime. Think of it as having my support, and your friends’ support, 24 hours a day.

Is this exactly what you were looking for in a program?