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Shotgunning Beers, Having Babies, and Lifting Barbells are Basically all the Same

Just scroll through our social media page: and on theirs you would either see beer bottles or babies, and on mine? Barbells and booty shorts. What could we possibly have in common?

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Unleash Your Mental Edge: Max Lifts Take More Than Muscle

A 25 kg plate is a circle. A sweat lodge is a circle. Weird way to start a blog, right? You didn’t land on Normal Nancy’s website. In the past two weeks I competed at Olympic Weightlifting nationals and I attended a sweat at a First Nation’s community and by doing both I discovered something… Continue reading Unleash Your Mental Edge: Max Lifts Take More Than Muscle

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Who is Idealistic Isabel, Anyway? (Happy Mother’s Day)

To My Mama, Georgina Bergen – Happy Mother’s Day.  I love you! As I pulled out of Moose Jaw en route to North Battleford on Tuesday my mind took me back to my grade four classroom.  There I sat under a mushroom cut and in baggy boys’ clothing, sideways in my desk with my right… Continue reading Who is Idealistic Isabel, Anyway? (Happy Mother’s Day)

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Evolution through Sport: Age is Only a Number

Gen Grant, masters powerlifter approaching 50-years-old, shares her journey through fitness and advice for those at any step of theirs.

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How Burpees Helped Me Conquer Depression

Struggle with feeling super low and just not wanting to do anything? The answer to getting out of it might surprise you. Ty shares his own super real story to help.

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6 Reasons to Avoid Registering for Competition

Been thinking of signing up for a CrossFit, powerlifting, weightlifting, strongman, or bodybuilding competition? Wondering if you should register for a Spartan race? Here are 6 strong reasons you shouldn’t submit your paperwork.