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Stop Fearing the Holiday Scale: Find your Bat(wo)man (Part 3)

Part 3 tells you how you can build yourself a Batman-esque toolkit or hire your own personal Bat(wo)man to protect you against holiday weight gain.

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Stop Your Scarcity Mindset: Build Your Dream Team

Meet my dream team (who might have remained my “competitors”) and learn how together we all win (even more).

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What is my “Spirit” Anyway? with 5 Strategies to Discover Yours

In our society we hear the word “spirit” thrown about in many different ways: “She has such a beautiful spirit!” “He was very low-spirited.” “The Holy Spirit…” and you may have heard the term used when talking about ghosts. Some of us throw it around comfortably, and others of us quiver at the “fluffy” idea of having a spirit or being spiritual. I try to help demystify the term and give you five strategies to discover yours, because one thing is for sure: when we see a person’s spirit shining through her or his words and actions, we see beauty.

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Forget Nuclear Family Norms: 4 Teachings from Mom and Dad’s Garage

I was the MC for my friend’s wedding recently, and after I had spent the whole night gushing (between speeches) about what a perfect match the couple was, I shared this little tale of my own troubles, “Thanks so much for listening me talk all night! It has been such a pleasure, and I wanted… Continue reading Forget Nuclear Family Norms: 4 Teachings from Mom and Dad’s Garage