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Why I’m Putting My Phone Down at 8pm

Some days, I don’t even WANT to know how much time I spend on my phone. There are times when hours pass by and all I’ve done is play with Snapchat filters, check Instagram or look at random Buzzfeed articles titled “17 Time the Internet Nailed What Being in your Thirties is REALLY Like.” What’s a random article you’ve read lately?

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How to Stay Strong in Weak Nutrition Moments

Have you ever been in any of these scenarios?

You’re on a night shift and your company has a Choco-Closet (an unlocked vending machine for employees that operates on the honour system)
You’re at home visiting mom, and her house is better stocked with candy than a 711-convenience store
You’ve made it home after an exhausting day, and your significant other brings in a grocery-bag of packaged goodies