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You’re Fat and Broke for the Same Reason: 5 Ways to Build Your Bank Account and Shrink Your Belly

Fitness and finance. Good at one and suck at the other, or struggling in both? Click here to find out what they have in common and how to make your wallet fat and your belly lean.

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What is the Meaning of Life?

I know what you’re thinking…”Contemplating deep philisophical questions in between bench sets, are you?” You might also be thinking, “Is that a sports bra, or a bikini top?” These are both great questions, but I am going to choose to leave them unanswered while I attempt to answer an even better question, “What is the… Continue reading What is the Meaning of Life?

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The Why, What, When, How, and To What of Podcast Listening

Wondering what exactly a podcast is, when you could possibly find the time to listen, or why you should consider tuning in? “You become who you have coffee with.” – Robin Sharma. Brittney tells you the why, what, when, how, and to what of podcast listening so you can take full advantage of the greatest database of free knowledge to transform your life.

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Stop Your Scarcity Mindset: Build Your Dream Team

Meet my dream team (who might have remained my “competitors”) and learn how together we all win (even more).

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Preserving Humanity in a Glass(ford)

A few weeks ago I was suffering from a pretty minor illness (pneumonia) and was frustrated when I couldn’t get as many things done as I wanted. That’s when I thought of my good friend, Alyssa Glassford, who has been through a lot more significant distresses (in life and in health) than what I was… Continue reading Preserving Humanity in a Glass(ford)