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Do You Pee When You Lift?

Do you pee when you lift?  Me too!  I repped the maxi pad in heavy squat, clean, and deadlift sessions.  (Where’s the Super-Heavy-With-Wings-For-Lifters commercial?) But guess what, my friend?  I haven’t used a feminine product in a workout in months. Why am I telling you this?  Because I’m tired of the talk around pelvic floor… Continue reading Do You Pee When You Lift?

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The Corpse Pose at the End of your WOD Isn’t Enough

This blog isn’t for every athlete – it’s for certain kinds of lifters. the lifter spending 20-40 minutes before a training session smashing the shit out of his shoulders just to get into a decent snatch position. the fitness fanatic whose mind wanders between sets in training or lifts at a meet, distracted by her phone… Continue reading The Corpse Pose at the End of your WOD Isn’t Enough

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How Burpees Helped Me Conquer Depression

Struggle with feeling super low and just not wanting to do anything? The answer to getting out of it might surprise you. Ty shares his own super real story to help.

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Stop Fearing the Holiday Scale: Festive Training 101 (Part 2)

Three example workouts and many ideas from car pushes to curling to keep you fit and keep the scale constant while having fun over the holidays.