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Find Power In Your Intuition

This guidance comes from your inner self and before you stop reading this and write it off as some hokey BS. Ask yourself:

Have you ever been asked a question and known the answer immediately?
Have you ever felt drawn to a certain person or place?
Have you ever experienced de ja vu or odd coincidences?
Ever make a decision that you knew was wrong and then spend the rest of the week becoming frustrated and easily angered?

Mental Health · Personal Development · Self-Love

Be Your Own Hero

It wasn’t easy for me to become my own hero, and it didn’t happen over night. It took a whole lot of courage and telling my ego to hit the road! I had to allow myself to look inward and be vulnerable.

See, here’s the thing. We control our story. We govern what we believe about ourselves. We can believe we are doomed, unworthy, and sit back and let life happen to us.

Mental Health · Personal Development · Self-Love

Gratitude Gainz: The One Practice That Will Change Your Life

Practicing gratitude used to feel like a chore to me. I thought I was already thankful, so why did I need to take the time to write it down? Would it really make a difference?

Now that I’ve been doing it for about two years, I can answer that:


In fact, it can completely change your life!