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Gratitude Gainz: The One Practice That Will Change Your Life

Practicing gratitude used to feel like a chore to me. I thought I was already thankful, so why did I need to take the time to write it down? Would it really make a difference?

Now that I’ve been doing it for about two years, I can answer that:


In fact, it can completely change your life!

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One Way to Use A Journal to Change Your Life

Most of us have a journal collecting dust somewhere in our house.  We purchased it and one of those pricey gel pens with the best of intentions.  We wanted tools to build our dream lives, but when we cracked open the cover the only way we could remember to start was “Dear Diary,” and that… Continue reading One Way to Use A Journal to Change Your Life

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How to Use Envy in a Wonderful Way

Have you ever felt envious when…? a. You run into someone you haven’t seen since high school only to find out they have a bigger house, nicer car, better job, and sexier partner than you do b. You’re 6-weeks-deep scrolling someone’s Instagram trying to figure out why they have more followers than you because you’re… Continue reading How to Use Envy in a Wonderful Way