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There’s No Right Way, Sometimes You Have To Go Left

Life is a crazy adventure at times and mundane during the others.

Embrace and enjoy both. You get to choose and live to your fullest expression! 

That’s my hallelujah moment: I get to choose! There is no right or wrong way. Sometimes you must go left and step outside of the norm to truly follow your soul’s purpose. Societal standards may tell us one thing, but ultimately, we get to forge our own path. Are you brave enough to accept the challenge?

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Find Power In Your Intuition

This guidance comes from your inner self and before you stop reading this and write it off as some hokey BS. Ask yourself:

Have you ever been asked a question and known the answer immediately?
Have you ever felt drawn to a certain person or place?
Have you ever experienced de ja vu or odd coincidences?
Ever make a decision that you knew was wrong and then spend the rest of the week becoming frustrated and easily angered?

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Transform Yourself With Positive Self-Talk

Do you tell yourself you can’t do something before you even start? 

Are you afraid to try something new because you might fail?

Do you worry about what others will say if you do something new or adventurous? 

 I’ve been there too, my friend.  In the past, I’ve told myself all kinds of negative stories to keep from achieving my goals.  These kinds of stories can sound a little something like this (Do any of these sound like you?)