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Unleash Your Mental Edge: Max Lifts Take More Than Muscle

A 25 kg plate is a circle. A sweat lodge is a circle. Weird way to start a blog, right? You didn’t land on Normal Nancy’s website. In the past two weeks I competed at Olympic Weightlifting nationals and I attended a sweat at a First Nation’s community and by doing both I discovered something… Continue reading Unleash Your Mental Edge: Max Lifts Take More Than Muscle

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Never Feel Unappreciated Again: Become a Ninja

Feeling unappreciated is one of the main reasons (if not thee reason) relationships fail, jobs are left, or dreams are forgotten. I used to feel unappreciated almost daily, but not anymore! Grab whatever weapons you already have and let me show you how to use them, not to get revenge for feelings of neglect, but to unlock the most satisfying relationships, improve your work life, and achieve the dreams hidden inside your heart in my 3-step process to becoming an Appreciation Ninja.

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What is the Meaning of Life?

I know what you’re thinking…”Contemplating deep philisophical questions in between bench sets, are you?” You might also be thinking, “Is that a sports bra, or a bikini top?” These are both great questions, but I am going to choose to leave them unanswered while I attempt to answer an even better question, “What is the… Continue reading What is the Meaning of Life?

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How To Fill That Hole Inside You (Do Not Mistake Yourself For A Donut)

The answer to the age-old problem about replacing that void feeling with one of fulfillment came to me on just an ordinary Monday.

I begrudgingly reached over and silenced the alarm that beckoned me from my sweet, glorious pizza bed.