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5 Holiday Eating Hacks

Last month, a leprechaun gave the gift of green liquor.  Now, a bunny’s bringin’ baskets of chocolate eggs.  I’d say we’re doin’ alright at this holiday thing – what do you think? I believe in a world where we can eat green veggies and still have a green beer.  Someplace we can enjoy an egg… Continue reading 5 Holiday Eating Hacks

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How to Use Envy in a Wonderful Way

Have you ever felt envious when…? a. You run into someone you haven’t seen since high school only to find out they have a bigger house, nicer car, better job, and sexier partner than you do b. You’re 6-weeks-deep scrolling someone’s Instagram trying to figure out why they have more followers than you because you’re… Continue reading How to Use Envy in a Wonderful Way

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Train Hard, Recover Harder: Why Less is More

“I don’t believe in overtraining.  I believe in under-recovery.” – Coach Burgener I’m writing this on a day I’m skipping lifting and going to Yin yoga  instead. If you’re like me (a perfectionist, a high achiever, a “goal-getter”) you might be thinking, “She’s gone insane.”  Or maybe you’re excited, believing if I keep this up you’ve got… Continue reading Train Hard, Recover Harder: Why Less is More

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Guys! Why Girls Who Lift Don’t Care How Much You Lift (but Still Want You To Lift)

Got your eyes on a girl who spends all her time at the CrossFit, powerlifting, weightlifting, or a strongwoman gym, but afraid your lifting skillz (or lack thereof) might not be enough to impress her? Guess what?  These incredibly strong (SEXY) ladies are my inner circle and, although this might come as a surprise to… Continue reading Guys! Why Girls Who Lift Don’t Care How Much You Lift (but Still Want You To Lift)

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Confidence, #theStruggle

“What’s wrong with bein’, what’s wrong with bein’, what’s wrong with bein’ confident? Uh uh uh…”

Nothing, Demi. In fact, I think one of the major plagues affecting our society is a lack of self-confidence, and I truly believe that confidence has the power to change our world.