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Train Hard, Recover Harder: Why Less is More

“I don’t believe in overtraining.  I believe in under-recovery.” – Coach Burgener I’m writing this on a day I’m skipping lifting and going to Yin yoga  instead. If you’re like me (a perfectionist, a high achiever, a “goal-getter”) you might be thinking, “She’s gone insane.”  Or maybe you’re excited, believing if I keep this up you’ve got… Continue reading Train Hard, Recover Harder: Why Less is More

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On Haters, Carbs, and Coaches: How to Reach your Athletic Potential

Being an athlete is hard and becoming a great athlete is even harder. Here are the top 9 things I wish I knew when I started training seriously, and as any tricky writer would, I saved the most important point until last and you won’t experience it with full gusto unless you read them all, so, do that.

1. Training environment is everything.

“If you want to squat 500 lbs, go to a gym where everyone squats 500 lbs.” – someone who knows things about lifting.

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How A Psychic Sidelined My Life On Miami Beach

I was just minding my own business suntanning on my Delta Airlines blanket on Miami Beach when a business card that read “Spiritual Guidance by Eva” floated down in front of my face…